UK Council Set To Host Drag Queen Story Time In Muslim-Dominated London Neighborhood


A council in Newham, a borough of London, England, has announced its plans to host a series of Drag Queen Story Times for preschoolers in the community.

According to Infowars, however, Newham has a bustling population of Muslims, who vehemently and vocally oppose all expressions of homosexuality and gender confusion.

This should go over well.

“The first of our Drag Queen Story Times for under 5s & their parents & carers at @NewhamLibraries this #LGBTHM20 is on Friday,” Newham Council said in a tweet earlier this week. “Come & listen to fabulous stories, beautifully told.”

“By providing spaces in which kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions, Drag Queen Story Time allows children to imagine the world in which people can present as they wish,” the Newham Council says in a description of the event on its website. “Where dress up is real.”

The event is offering free admission during children’s half-term school break to lure more soft-skulled parents into having their children sexually groomed by a drag king and queen duo:

A similar event in neighboring South Lambeth is scheduled for later this month:

Would you want your kids to see that?? Ugh!

According to a 2011 census report, 32 percent of Newham residents are Muslim, making them the second-largest religious group behind Christianity. By now, Infowars points out, the Muslim population in the borough is likely significantly larger.

As we’ve already seen elsewhere in England, the nation’s conservative Muslims aren’t shy about protesting LGBT attacks on their children.

Jabar Hussain, a father in Birmingham, has led several protests against dangerous pro-LGBT curriculum at Parkfield Community School and recently said he would readily face fines and jail time if it meant saving his son from this perversion.

Not only is it an indictment of Western society that we even have drag queen story events in the first place, but that a community’s Muslim population is more likely to stand up and protest the brazen sexualization of children.

Where are the people of the true and living God?? If we truly walk with God, He will give us the boldness and the strength to accomplish what He has for us! There is no excuse for us to be silent!

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