UK Court Rules in Favor of Christian Couple Who Declined to Make Pro-Gay Marriage Cake


This is a truly stunning, and encouraging piece of news out of the UK.

When conservative websites write about the UK, they usually cover the astounding degree of political correctness that tends to override any semblance of individual liberty for British citizens.

After all, nine British citizens are put in jail for “hate speech” on the internet every day, a man is currently in jail for teaching his dog the Nazi salute, and one police department recently asked citizens to report “non-crime hate incidents“.

Orwell clearly had no idea how close his nation would get to a dystopian tyranny he wrote about satirically.

All, however, may not be lost, if a recent UK Supreme Court decision is any indication. This is a decision that the US should take note of, and be inspired by. Not just conservatives, but anyone who believes in the basic Western values of liberty, freedom of association, and true independence.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Christian owners of Ashers Baking Company in Northern Ireland who refused to make a cake with the words “Support Gay Marriage” won their appeal Wednesday in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

LGBT activist Gareth Lee ordered the cake in 2014 with Bert and Ernie from “Sesame Street” and subsequently sued the bakery for discrimination of sexual orientation and political views. The owners of the bakery, Amy and Daniel McArthur, claimed they did not refuse service to Lee because of his sexual orientation, but rather that they disagreed with the message on the cake.

A court in Belfast ruled in 2015 in favor of Lee, but the case was appealed and the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court unanimously overturned the ruling.

“I know a lot of people will be glad to hear this ruling today, because this ruling protects freedom of speech and freedom of conscience for everyone,” Daniel McArthur said after the ruling, per the BBC.

Bear in mind, we do not have the equivalent ruling yet from our Supreme Court, although such a ruling would surely be in the interests of all Americans, not just Christians.

Any progressive business owner who wants the right to deny business to a conservative, for example, should be very careful about which side of this debate they are on.

Let’s take heart that even in the ultra-liberal UK, liberty’s light has not yet been fully snuffed out. If they can do it, we certainly can too!