UK Court Stifles Parent Protests Against LGBT Lessons At Birmingham Elementary School


Earlier this year, parents of children at a British elementary school in Birmingham launched a series of protests of the school’s new highly inappropriate, indoctrinating pro-LGBT curriculum.

According to Russia Today, at least 600 pupils were reportedly taken out of classes at Parkfield Community School by their parents when they learned that homosexuality was being “aggressively” taught in classes. 

The school in the city’s Spark Hill region was forced to temporarily suspend the classes back in March. However, they have since continued teaching the curriculum, entitled “No Outsiders,” which uses LGBT-normalizing books such as “King and King” and “Mommy, Mama, and Me” to be read aloud to young students.

Rather than amend or modify their curriculum to truly respect the wishes of the parents whom they serve, of course, the school simply made minor tweaks to the curriculum. 

They didn’t stop there, however. 

Now, they are seeking to use the force of the state to silence dissenting parents and establish an “exclusion zone” to prevent protests from occurring on public property surrounding the school! All as they continue pushing the LGBT  agenda on students.

Can you even believe that?! Prevented by law from protesting what is being taught in their own children’s school! 

Fatima Shah, one of many of Birmingham’s many Muslim families that were forced to pull their children out of school over the curriculum, argued that the curriculum is confusing and inappropriate for such young minds.

“We have said we don’t want children in reception to be shown books with same-sex relationships. It’s confusing for them,” she said, according to The Guardian. “But the school has said it will do exactly the same as it was doing before but with a slightly different name. How is that taking our views into account?”

Earlier this month, the Birmingham city council launched sought an emergency order to prevent further protests outside the school after about 300 people gathered at the gates in May.

Birmingham is not alone. Schools all across the western world are suffering from the spreading infection of the LGBT agenda.

There are parents across the western world who have to find out the hard way what is being taught in their children’s school and are still too timid to act when they do. If Muslim families are willing to go to such lengths to protect their children from the perverse LGBT agenda in schools, what’s our excuse?

Imagine if every parent who objected to the progressive indoctrination taking place in our schools was willing to remove their children from the district! Clearly, this school was never willing to end this program, so these folks obviously made the right call. 

Parents, it rests on our shoulders to ensure our children are being raised in the way they should go, and when our schools are corrupting their minds, it’s up to us to put an end to it.

If the schools aren’t willing to change their ways, it’s time we stop relying on the schools. 

Are you willing to take this kind of stand to ensure your children’s innocence is protected?

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