As UK Crimes Soar, Feminized Police Worry About Social Justice Campaigns Instead


It seems like, in the world of social justice warriors, there is no place for the enforcement of the law.

Here in the US, anti-police sentiment has been rampant, as indicated by massive anti-police rallies, riots, NFL kneeling protests, and even the deadly shooting in Dallas in July of 2016.

In the UK, it’s a different story. According to the website Not Liberal, as crime rates experience a disturbing spike, police forces there are more concerned with joining in with social justice causes.

“The UK crime rate in England and Wales grew by 13 percent in just one year, with violent crime up 19 percent, according to a report released last week by the UK Office for National Statistics,” the article, UK Crime Soars – Police Paint Nails, Drive Rainbow Cars explains.

“Sexual offenses increased by almost 20 percent on the previous year, with rape cases up by 22 percent,” the article continues. “Child rape and rape gangs have also been in the news recently. Knife crime rose by 26 percent and offenses involving firearms were up by 27 percent, in spite of strict gun control laws in the United Kingdom. Nearly half of the increase in knife crime took place in Britain’s multicultural capital of London.”

They also report that since 2010, the UK, which has a population of roughly 65 million people, cut their police force by 20,000 officers.

In spite of these crippling crime rates and cuts to resources, the UK police have still managed to find time to join in a fight, well, a fight of sorts…for social justice campaigns.

“In spite of a shortage of funds, police recently faced criticism and ridicule for a series of expensive PR stunts and embarrassing Twitter posts. These included encouraging male officers to paint their nails and go out on patrol, in order to raise awareness of the modern-day slavery that frequently occurs within British nail bars,” Not Liberal explains.

I mean…that’s something, I guess.

The Daily Mail reports that police in Cardiff, Wales, took it upon themselves to fight back against the troubling trend of domestic violence, by increasing patrols and implementing policy that would ensure domestic abuse cases were seriously examined and victims were kept safe.

Oh wait, no, I’m sorry, they just wore high heels and took pictures of themselves on social media. For…some reason.

I’m starting to see a trend here. A very…effeminate trend.

While public funds could not be procured to keep on any of the 20,000 officers cut from police forces over the last seven years, they did manage to scare up some funds for a boldly executed plan to minimize hate crimes in the UK.

Ok, fine, they painted their police cars rainbow.

According to a police spokesperson, the paint (and balloons?) were all in an effort to “engage with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans community to raise awareness of hate crime and domestic abuse and to encourage more people to report incidents”.

There is good news–as taxpayers complain that their pounds are going to such frivilous non-efforts to deter crime, a recent report indicates that British police are arresting at least 9 people a day.

…For offensive social media messages.

“In August,” Not Liberal explains, “a UK police ‘hate crime officer’ faced public ridicule after he reported supermarkets for failing to use gender-neutral signs on women’s sanitary products. While doing what some would say is an excellent job of policing social justice issues, policing actual crimes has yielded less than stellar results.”

Yeah, that sounds about right!

This is a highly disturbing trend in the UK, and proof that when the interests of “social justice” take the place of actual justice, crime thrives.

The social justice warrior agenda must be stopped! After all, SJWs won’t even have a stable society from which to whine if we allow their ridiculous agenda to continue!