UK Father Says He’s Willing to Go to Jail To Keep 9YO Son Out Of Pro-LGBT Classes At School


A Birmingham, UK father is facing a hefty fine and possible jail time after pulling his nine-year-old son from school for several months to avoid the school’s controversial pro-LGBT curriculum.

According to The Daily Mail, Jabar ‘Jay’ Hussain says he would rather wind up behind bars than risk his young son being psychologically abused by the Parkfield Community School’s “No Outsiders” LGBT “equality” curriculum, which contradicts his Muslim convictions.

Hussain has instructed lawyers to seek a judicial review over the issue if Birmingham City Council does not back down.

The concerned father stated that the lessons posed a “safeguarding risk” and caused confusion for young pupils about their “gender identity.”

Paul Conrathe, Hussain’s lawyer, told the Mail that “This prosecution criminalises him for not submitting to teaching in breach of his rights.”

“We are not against anyone expressing their sexuality or being homosexual if that’s what they want,” Hussain told BirminghamLive at a protest outside the school back in September. “We have no issue if Mr. Moffat wants to put on a dress, or dance around like a ballet dancer, or put on a skirt, we have no issue. We have an issue with teaching that nonsense to our kids.”

In his letter to the Birmingham City Council, The Mail adds, Hussain also claimed that the school “goes well beyond teaching acceptance for different types of families. For instance, it advocates for children to be whatever they feel they might be (including in relation to gender)…”

The letter also states that the curriculum “reinforces the message that it is ‘good’ to be transgender,” effectively promoting gender confusion rather than merely tolerating it.

“Whilst Mr. Hussain may believe being gay and lesbian as well as transgender are morally wrong,” the school reportedly said in response to Hussain, “they are protected characteristics under the Equality Act.”

The small Birmingham elementary school has been at the center of controversy for some time now, beginning back in early 2019 when hundreds of its Muslim families began to protest the “No Outsiders” program.

At one point, The Mail reports, hundreds of parents gathered outside the school, chanting in protest while withdrawing their children from classes.

At that time, the LGBT-affirming lessons were suspended for review. After making minor, inconsequential tweaks to the curriculum, the school reinstated it and protests resumed in September until the city banned protests on the property surrounding the building.

According to The Mail, the parent of a truant child may face a fine of up to £2,500 ($3250 USD), a community order, (which can involve community service, a curfew, or being banned from certain places at a judge’s discretion,) or a jail sentence of up to three months.

The court would also give a parenting order, which would involve parenting classes and could include a requirement that Hussain’s son does not have any unapproved absences from school.

This is what we are up against all over the world, people. Our governments routinely and readily trample on our rights in favor of their LGBT darlings. Our own consciences are stifled, our beliefs are virtually criminalized, and we risk losing everything if we take a stand for the truth.

If Hussain, a Muslim man, would so readily give up his freedom to honor what he believes in, why should any Christian, any believer of the one, true, living God be any less bold?

There is no excuse. We must fight this.

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