UK Girls Are Skipping School, Afraid To Use “Inclusive” Unisex Bathrooms

A gender-neutral bathroom is seen at the University of California, Irvine in Irvine, California September 30, 2014. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

There should be a reasonable expectation of safety and privacy when using any public restroom—you’d think we could all agree on that.

Maybe not.

So why are girls in the United Kingdom being driven to the point that they are legitimately too fearful to use the bathroom at school? Because transgender rights are superior to the rights of all others and “inclusive” unisex bathrooms are required to make a minority of troubled and confused children more comfortable, apparently.

According to The Daily Mail, parents and teachers are reporting that female students  (biological females, mind you, because we need to distinguish) are skipping school and even refusing to urinate and avoiding drinking liquids while at school in order to avoid the shame and fear they rightfully feel when sharing the restroom with biological males.

Parents and teaching staff have told The Mail on Sunday that female pupils feel deeply uncomfortable or even unsafe sharing toilets with male students.

The trend for single-sex toilets is driven by the wish to be more inclusive of children who identify as transgender and wish to use the same facilities as the opposite sex. 

But last night, doctors and politicians called on schools to halt the move towards unisex toilets to prevent any further harm to female pupils. 

Tessa Katz, a doctor quoted by The Mail, said that these poor girls are risking serious bladder and urinary tract infections and kidney damage by refusing to urinate on a regular basis, adding that “The psychological effects of girls not feeling safe enough to use mixed-sex toilets is also concerning.”

While any reasonable person would wonder why in the world any sane parent would allow their child to be cornered into such a predicament, it should be noted that parents who spoke with the Daily Mail claim they were not consulted before their children’s schools began doing away with gender-divided restrooms.

Now that they are aware of the schools’ dangerous, slimy scheme, parents are fighting it tooth and nail.

The Mail continues:

The latest row involves Deanesfield Primary School in South Ruislip, West London, where parents launched a petition last month against the introduction of unisex toilets.

One angry mother, who has daughters aged four and eight at the school, said: ‘The cubicles were open at the bottom and top so older pupils can easily climb up the toilets and peer over.’

Stephanie Davies-Arai, from the parent campaign group Transgender Trend, said schools were being misinformed by ‘trans activist’ organisations that they were breaking equality laws if they did not make toilets unisex.

She said there were clear exemptions under the current equality laws that meant it was perfectly legal to have single-sex toilets.

“If girls are not comfortable sharing toilets with boys then schools should make provision for them, rather than saying girls have got a problem,” said Tory MP David Davies. What a novel idea!

How on earth have we gotten to the point where girls are risking their health simply to avoid risking their bodies or privacy while sharing bathrooms with boys? 

It certainly didn’t get this bad with an active and vocal body of Christians and decent folks standing up for what is right and good and true. Never before has society so hated the image of our Creator or the simple biological truth that you are the gender you were born with. 

Time to stop sitting on our hands and stand up for our kids! The onus is on us to start turning over tables and standing up for our children, our society, and the objective truth we know the world cannot deny. 

Reach out to the Deanesfield Primary School directly and let them know that their real female students will not be erased!

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