UK Mayor and Pastor Forced to Resign After Sharing Activist Mommy Content on His Facebook Page


We recently received an email from a Christian rights organization out of the UK recounting the story of Richard Smith, a small-town pastor who briefly served as mayor of Ferrytown Hill before being ousted for simply having personal opinions.

The Christian Legal Centre, who contacted us, explains that “Not only was this gentleman mayor, he also is a Christian pastor, army veteran and leads a ministry to feed the poor. His children are also veterans who suffer from PTSD because of their service.”

Smith has stepped down as mayor of Ferrytown Hill following a vicious and angry campaign led by local drag queen Tess Tickle and a very small, but loud minority of locals who are horrified at Richard’s choice to express his personal views of biblical sexuality and the violent nature of Islam on his Facebook page.

One of the posts he shared was from our page, The Activist Mommy, in which Elizabeth quoted the Bible in reference to homosexuality–something that, in a few short decades, has become absolute anathema to the radical left, who have, unfortunately, become very loud in the UK as of late.

Christian Concern, a sister organization to the Christian Legal Centre explains what happened:

As soon as Cllr Smith, an ex-serviceman and a Christian pastor, was elected Mayor a few weeks ago, Mr Tickle took the lead in vigorous public scrutiny of his views. Mr Tickle’s investigation exposed an outrageous Facebook post where Cllr Smith re-posted a video by a well-known US video-blogger, The Activist Mommy, who quoted the Bible while commenting on an LGBT Pride event. Not only was Cllr Smith as homophobic as this; he was also Islamophobic. He re-posted a video where a group of Muslims attack a Jewish family and their little children, and commented:

“This is supposed to be a religion of peace. I think not.”

Mr Tickle’s campaign got fair wind from the Pink News, the BBC, and a number of Facebook commentators. One of them eloquently summed up the case against Cllr Smith in these terms:

“This day in age. F***s sake! Tie the twat up in a rainbow flag, strip the nob head naked and leave him there to be laughed at. This s***s getting boring! His breed are getting fewer though, you just do have the odd few still breathing. X”

In the face of such powerful criticisms by members of the public – not just against himself, but also against members of his family – Cllr Smith resigned as Mayor. Yet, the mob was not satisfied. Despite the resignation, Labour Councillors pressed ahead with their motion of no confidence.

On July 11th, the Ferryhill town council held a special meeting to decide Richard’s fate, which, as the observer who reported on the event for Christian Concern described, “was meant to be a triumphant lynching of the town’s Christian ex-Mayor, Cllr Richard Smith, by the mob of adherents to modern tolerant British values.”

Smith, who is still a counselor, was facing a vote of no confidence brought forward by the local Labour party, which is the rough equivalent to the Democrats here in the US. Most independents in the town, however, supported him as mayor, and showed up to voice their support for free speech.

Refreshingly, Christian Council says, the democratic process prevailed and the motion failed.

But the fact remains that a small minority of far-left activists who can’t stand to co-exist with Bible-believing Christians who reserve the right to simply express their personally held beliefs on homosexuality was able to effectively cancel out the votes of Smith’s supporters who had elected him to office in the first place.

Smith is a passionate community leader who is devoted to his family, his flock, and the people of his village, while his opponents want nothing more than to make noise and ruin lives in their effort to force their ideological opponents to accept them.

This is absolutely nothing new for the UK and we know full well that the LGBT radicals in the US are not far behind.

Please do what you can to bring awareness to this appalling case of anti-Christian fascism by sharing this post with everyone you know!