Why This UK University Rejected a Study on ‘Sex Change’ Regret


This is not only ridiculous, it’s also grossly irresponsible of the academic community.

When James Caspian, a masters-seeking psychotherapist attending Bath Spa University in the UK proposed to study ‘sex change’ regret among transgender individuals, the university asked him to revise his proposal several times before rejecting it outright.

The University’s reasoning is all too obvious: it’s because the study would have been politically incorrect. This isn’t hyperbole–that’s what they actually said:

“The proposal was rejected with an explanation noting that it was a potentially ‘politically incorrect’ piece of research and could lead to material being posted online that ‘may be detrimental to the reputation of the institution,” The Sunday Times reports.

When Caspian received his rejection letter, it informed him that he had his proposal been approved, he would have been “engaging in a potentially ‘politically incorrect’ piece of research carries a risk to the university,” and “Attacks on social media may not be confined to the researcher but may involve the university.”

Caspian was not so confident the university cared about his reputation, saying: “In the language of psychotherapy, my ego is strong enough to withstand attack or criticism should I read it elsewhere than social media,” and suggested that it was “the university [that] cannot withstand disagreement, argument, [and] dissension.”

If you are outraged that a university would bow to the imagined pressure of angry LGBT internet trolls, you’re certainly not the only one! Caspian is as well:

“Where would stand the reputation of a university that cannot follow the most basic tenets of academic and intellectual freedom of inquiry?” he asks. “I am more concerned about the potential impact of that stance on its reputation than I am about possible comments on social media.”

Caspian has had a long professional interest in this topic, and as a psychotherapist, his specialty is in counseling “transgender individuals” as well as training “for professionals, counselors, therapists and organizations about transgender, transsexual and gender variant people.”  He was inspired to do the study after meeting a surgeon who performed multiple sex change reversal surgeries.

One of the biggest issues with the psychotic push to accept transgenderism is that, much like abortion, the reality of regret is swept under the rug by leftist ideologues. Regret for “sex change” surgery is incredibly common and needs to be addressed by the academic community.

Walt Heyer, a former transgender who works to bring awareness to these issues. He says that the underlying issues that transgender people face cannot be solved by simple elective surgery alone.

“Forty-one percent of the transgender population … will at some point attempt suicide,” he wrote last year in Public Discourse last year. “Even when affirmed, accepted, and loved, transgender individuals attempt suicide, which indicates that the issues they struggle with run deeper than a change in gender identity can rectify.”

By validating one’s desire to live their life as the opposite sex, we are only helping them to chase a dream they will never truly realize. Gender dysmorphia is a true spiritual and psychological problem, and one’s heart certainly feels for anyone who struggles with it.

Caspian’s study could have helped people by bringing to light the realities of sex change regret and starting an important conversation in the academic community. As long as the pursuit of truth is censored in academia to satisfy the angry masses, Western thought will continue to tailspin into destruction intellectually and spiritually, and people who truly need help will never be able to receive it.