The UK’s Girl Scouts Will Allow Grown Men to Shower With Little Girls


Yet another story of gender insanity out of the obsessively politically correct United Kingdom.

Just yesterday, we shared the story of a delusional, criminal man who claims to think he’s a woman who wants to be transferred to a female prison and might actually get his wish if he can acquire the proper “gender certificate” that proves his gender delusion. Oh yeah, he is also a convicted rapist. 

The same country that is actually considering transferring a convicted rapist with fully intact male genitalia to a women’s prison is also now allowing adult men with fully intact genitalia to shower with little girls.

Go figure.

The Daily Wire reports:

The century-old Girls Guides (the U.K.’s Girl Scouts) have officially instructed their leadership to allow members who are biologically male but identify as female to have access to girls’ changing rooms, bathroom facilities (including showers), and sleeping quarters for overnight trips. Plus, this rule applies to all members, ages five to 25.

As reported by The Telegraph, the new rules state that trans “girls” can “‘share accommodation with other young members if they wish and use the same facilities.”

What’s really frightening is there are few options for any girls who might be uncomfortable with this rule to shower in safe facilities.

But what if little Suzie is a bigot and isn’t “comfortable” with boys in her shower, you ask? Well, she is officially “encouraged” to ask her group leader for special accommodations for her. No guarantees, of course, but, good luck, bigoted Suzie!

And it gets better: parents might not be notified about little Suzie sharing a shower with a male! ​According to the new rules, the Guides have declared that it is not “best practice” to tell parents about biological males using such girls’ facilities.

Only a few years ago, it was transgender people who had to seek out their own accommodations because they were, and still are, the anomaly, not the girl who might feel uncomfortable showering with a biological adult male.

This is a perfect embodiment of what the transgender agenda truly is: a war against women and girls. Traditional feminism has gone out the window as the rights of a small percentage of mentally ill people who believe that gender is fluid are deemed more important.

The Girl Guides clearly don’t care about girls anymore, but instead will sacrifice their interests on the altar of political correctness. It is disturbing to think of what it might take for them to wake up and realize what a danger this poses to young girls!