The UK’s National Health Service Has Been Administering Hormone-Blockers to Autistic Children


It really does seem like humanity is spinning completely out of control, and the gender confusion crisis is at the center.

How can so many adults have fallen so hard for the myth of gender identity, to the point where they are drastically altering the lives of young children just because they think they were born in “the wrong body”?

This isn’t scientific–people aren’t born in the wrong body. If adults want to “identify” however they want to, that’s one thing, and if the UK still believed in liberty, which they don’t seem to, they certainly wouldn’t have to limit the rights of these adult individuals to do so.

But to issue life-altering hormone blockers that irreversibly change a child’s natural development is downright atrocious if you ask me.

What could possibly be natural and normal about issuing a strict regimen of puberty-stunting drugs all due to how a child “feels”?

What is beyond sickening is the recent revelation that up to 150 children who were issued these life-altering drugs were autistic, not, in fact, suffering from gender dysphoria.

Life Site News has the story:

The UK’s National Health Service has administered puberty-stopping drugs to up to 150 children who may have been suffering from autism and not gender dysphoria, a new report has found.

A report has found that a third of children referred to London’s Tavistock Clinic displayed “strong” signs of autism despite estimates that only one percent of the general population is autistic, the Daily Mail reports.

“A range of psychometric measures are used to assess behavioural and emotional functioning, including features of autistic spectrum disorder and self-harm,” reads the review by Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service. “Around 35 per cent of referred young people present with moderate to severe autistic traits.”

This has raised concern over the roughly four out of ten children who have received hormone blockers to stop puberty following treatment at the clinic, which is thought to mean that approximately 150 potentially-autistic kids have received the blockers so far.

The National Health Service, along with many of our doctors here in the US, have completely lost sight of their Hippocratic oath to “first, do no harm.”

All they’re doing is harm to these children as they put away all common sense, basic medical knowledge, and decency.