An Unborn Child Was Included in the Sutherland Springs Death Count–Let That Sink In


Abortion is legal in the state of Texas. Sure, pro-“choice” activists whine about the regulations they place on the practice of murdering unborn children, such as the requirements that women seeking abortion view an ultrasound of their child and sign a document acknowledging that they are terminating a life.

In truth, these regulations only make the decriminalization of abortion even more macabre as the State of Texas acknowledges it is a life that is being terminated in abortion procedures.

In the recent Sutherland Springs, TX shooting, state law enforcement officials acknowledged the life of a fetus in a completely different way, however.

Among the 26 people who lost their lives when a psychotic atheist stormed the church in which his wife and in-laws worshipped was an unborn child who perished when their mother was shot and killed.

Law enforcement officials counted this life, as one fully human life, of equal value and worth as the other children, adults, and grandparents who were killed.

That is because it is one fully human life, of equal value and worth as any other.

Crystal Holcombe was one of nine members of a single family who was killed in the massacre that took place on Sunday. The headlines will tell you that eight members of the family were killed, from her one-year-old nice to her in-laws, Karla and Bryan Holcombe.

Her children Emily, Megan and Greg, were killed in the shooting as well, and while the headlines say that three of her children were killed, they will mention in passing that her unborn child was killed as well.

“Authorities have included Crystal Holcombe’s unborn child in the death count,” CNN was forced to admit. 

The Washington Post also acknowledged the child, saying “Also among the dead was their granddaughter-in-law, Crystal Holcombe, who was pregnant. She died along with her unborn child and three of her children — Emily, Megan and Greg — according to Joe Holcombe. She was at church with her husband, John Holcombe, who survived along with two of her other children.”

Even in the face of such a gruesome tragedy, when anyone with a heart would feel the loss of that child, the media tries to side-step the issue for the sake of maintaining their narrative that the child was not a child.

But it is times like this in which the issue simply cannot be side-stepped. The child was alive, and was killed in this horrific event.

He or she was as alive as the babies who are killed in abortion clinics across the country each and every day. While 26 died tragically in Sutherland Springs on Sunday, over 3,000 lives are lost daily in the United States at the hands of legalized killers.

As the gun debate rages on in the wake of yet another mass shooting, keep in mind that the number of gun deaths in our country will never come close to the legalized genocide that is abortion.

But while these deaths are not listed in our national homicide statistics because they are not legal, this child was. Why was his or her life more recognizable as valuable simply because he or she was killed with a gun, instead of an abortionist’s tools? 

Please keep the survivors of the Holcomb family and all those affected by this brutal tragedy in your prayers as they mourn those they have lost. All of them.