UNC Charlotte To Host “Sex Week” With Drag Performers, Lingerie Party


Next month, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte will host a week-long event dedicated to the celebration of sexual confusion, perversion, and promiscuity.

Because that’s exactly what college students need, apparently.

According to the event’s website, UNCC Sex Week will take place from February 17 to 22 and include a drag show, a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, STD testing, and workshops on everything from designing your own sex toys to mental health and BDSM.

The perverted event was first organized by four students in the fall of 2017, the site says, “as a reaction to what we feel is generally subpar sexual education in America.”

“According to the Guttmacher Institute, only 24 of the 50 states require sexual education. While North Carolina is fortunately one of those 24, we still feel like most schools do not sufficiently teach students about sex,” the site reads. “College presents a unique time to combat this issue, as, generally, students are legal adults and above the age of consent. We wanted an inclusive program that would have education on LGBT+ sexuality, the role of pleasure in sex, different religion’s views of sex, and other topics that are often neglected by sex education.”

“Sex Week is bringing together organizations on and off campus to create a unified educational experience that addresses topics of sex safety, sex positivity, sexuality and gender orientation, and much more,” it goes on. “We want to encourage an environment in which students feel comfortable asking questions and talking about sex.”

Do these people think it’s impossible to have a healthy conversation on sex without making your own sex toys or getting into bondage and masochism?!

This is a far cry from “sex education.” This is a modern-day Dionysian celebration of fornication and debauchery!

In order to secure the most intersectionality points for the event, the school will also host a panel on religion and sexuality.

“The relationship between sex and religion has long been particularly contentious,” the event description reads. “We’re hosting a panel to explore different religions’ views on subjects such as sex and marriage, sexual education, and contraception (among many other topics). The moderator for this panel will be Dr. Kent Brintnall, affiliate faculty member of the Women’s and Gender Studies program. On the panel will be Imam John Ederer, Rabbi Barbara Thiede, and other local religious leaders.”

Do you think they’ll be “inclusive” enough to feature a conservative Christian voice who would respectfully submit that sex was designed by God to take place between one man and one wife? Don’t hold your breath.

Our kids have no business whatsoever engaging in this kind of “education.” If you have children who attend UNCC, strongly urge them to stay away from this garbage!!

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