Unhinged Peter Fonda Calls for Baron Trump to Be “Put in a Cage With Pedophiles”


Just when you think crazy leftists in Hollywood can’t possibly get any more dramatic, Peter Fonda has just blown every outrageous angry anti-Trump tweet completely out of the water.

In a Twitter rant that is, in classic biased social media fashion, still up on Twitter, the younger brother of Jane Fonda called for a series of absolutely disgusting things, including for President Trump’s youngest son, Baron, to be sexually abused.

Here are pictures of the Tweets, very kindly censored by Fox News which, believe us, was entirely necessary:

To be clear, here is a man who is literally calling for a mob to take a child away from his mother to be raped by pedophiles, a woman to be publically whipped in the nude, and another woman to be removed from her children, and to top it all off, for an angry mob of “90 million” Americans to do this.

Naturally, the outrage began instantly, as well it should. This is beyond insane. Can you even think of one single equivalent on the right? And–believe me, I’m as shocked as you to say this–anything that even comes close on the left?

This guy makes Kathy Griffin look diplomatic and composed!

Well, it turns out not only is Peter Fonda incredibly sick and evil, he was also breaking the law. 

News has just broken that Meliana actually called the Secret Service, as well she should have. That was the most polite way to respond to someone threatening to have your child raped. 

Tell me again how the left are the tolerant ones?