University of Georgia Offers Students Guide For Gender-Neutral Pronouns


The University of Georgia is joining the insanity of the transgender movement, opting to leave behind the scientifically well established fact of two genders — male and female — by putting out a “how-to guide” geared toward helping students use “inclusive” gender-neutral language.

No longer is it “politically correct” to call transgender folk by their biological pronouns, such as “he or she,” but we have to have special language that accommodates their sin and mental illness, participating in their delusions, despite the fact that doing so reinforces behavior that is ultimately destructive for them.

Campus Reform reports:

The pamphlet includes a chart listing both traditional and gender-neutral pronouns, along with a worksheet to help students practice using each one as a subject, object, possessive, possessive pronoun, and reflexive.

Instead of using “s/he,” for example, the chart suggests “they,” “ze,” “e/ey,” “per,” or “ve”—each of which has a corresponding variation to replace the formulations “her/him,” “her/his,” “hers/his,” and “her/himself.”

An accompanying “How-To Guide” provides example sentences, directing students to fill in the blank with a pronoun from the appropriate numbered column.

“Respecting someone’s gender identity means using their pronouns, whether they are in earshot or not,” it declares below the practice sentences.

The guide also includes advice for those who may be uncomfortable using gender-neutral pronouns, encouraging them to volunteer their own preferred pronouns and ask others to specify theirs.

This is the type of society that liberals are desperately trying to build, and it’s one where logic, reason, and even scientific fact are made suspect and often abandoned to accommodate another person’s feelings.

How does one even pronounce the pronouns listed in this little “how-to guide?” They don’t even really make sense from a logical, linguistic standpoint.

What makes this infuriating is this is an expensive school that is usually paid for by parents who want to give their child a leg up when it comes to economic opportunity, forcing students to adopt and adapt to a worldview they may disagree with and that may have serious consequences for their experience in college.

Yet the left doesn’t seem to care about the discomfort or violation of rights for those who disagree or who are uncomfortable with using this sort of language. All of the concern seems to be reserved for individuals suffering from gender dysphoria.

The left has taken many different demographics over the years and turned them into protected classes, all in the name of winning voters for the Democratic Party. Transgenders are the latest group the left has set their sights on, and they are having a lot of success thanks to infecting the culture with their worldview.

This is just one more reason to reconsider sending your kids to a secular university or even bothering with college to begin with.