University in Ireland Refuses to Allow Documentary on Ex-Homosexuals to Be Played on Campus


There is a disturbing trend in the Western world to censor and suppress the simple truth from being discussed simply because it does not fit the narrative of the politically-correct left.

The Bible tells us that we as the followers of Jesus Christ are in a battle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12) and that the battles we should concern ourselves the most with are spiritual.

When the secular world attempts to deny the power the Gospel has over homosexuality, spiritual warriors need to take note. Often, the testimony of those who found freedom from their sexual lifestyle have the most to say about the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to overcome sin and set the captives free, so naturally, the spiritual forces that influence the enemies of Christianity do everything they can to suppress and undermine these powerful testimonies.

When a student Christian group tried to play a documentary centering around some of these testimonies in Northern Ireland recently, the university refused to allow this message of hope to be played on their campus. The Christian Post reports:

The Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has denied a Christian ministry’s request to screen a new documentary featuring the testimonies of people who have left homosexuality.

The public research university recently rejected Core Issues Trust’s request to show the recently released film “Voices of the Silenced,” Premier reports.

The film features interviews with 15 people “emerging out of homosexual lifestyles.” The film also shows interviews with 18 experts, some of whom “explode the myth of neutral secularism and expose its dangers for society broadly and for Christians specifically.”

According to the Christian nonprofit, it wasn’t given an exact reason why it couldn’t show the documentary at Queen’s Film Theatre. However, the university’s response suggests that the film doesn’t match its idea of inclusivity.

“The mission of the Queen’s Film Theatre is to widen access to film through the delivery of a varied program that actively encourages appreciation, enjoyment, debate and understanding,” Joan Parsons, head of Queen’s Film Theatre, reportedly told Core Issues Trust. “In addition, the QFT is committed, through its approved program, to continue to promote and respect equality, diversity and inclusion.”

The irony that excluding a narrative that didn’t match their own was done in the name of “inclusiveness” was clearly beyond University administrators, as is the irony that the film they’re silencing is called “Voices of the Silenced.” But isn’t this exactly how the world treats the Gospel?

Christians are constantly labeled as judgemental, bigots, and exclusive. The Bible is considered a document that is outdated, sexist, oppressive, and yet Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism are untouchable. The same people who refuse to even hear someone’s personal experience of leaving homosexuality to embrace Jesus Christ and Christianity would eagerly defend religions that view women as inferior to men and ethnic caste systems as valid social structures.

Another day, another case of hypocritical treatment of Christians on a university campus. Just remember the battle we’re really fighting–and who has victory in the end!