University Of Michigan Teacher Claims Preschool Kids Are Too Heterosexual

According to Heidi Gansen, a University of Michigan sociology instructor, preschools are laden with problematic “heteronormativity.”


In the abstract for an academic article published last month, Gansen describes how she came to her conclusion after “using ethnographic data from 10 months of observations in nine preschool classrooms.”

“Before children have salient sexual identities of their own, children are beginning to make sense of heteronormativity and rules associated with sexuality through interactions with their teachers and peers in preschool,” Gansen’s abstract continues.

In other words, according to Gansen, children in preschool are not gay enough.

Deeper within Gansen’s article, the sociology buff takes issue with a number of typical child activities.

For example, as Campus Reform points out, Gansen cites playing “house” as problematic because boys naturally tend towards playing the role of the father while girls imitate motherly behavior.

“Children did not allow cross-gender roles,” she laments, adding elsewhere in her article that this is even the case in preschools with more progressive teachers.

Gansen goes on to suggest that teachers take a number of “disruptive” measures towards what can only be described as indoctrinating children by talking about gay marriage and praising children when they display “actions that interrupt heteronormativity.”

Gansen even goes on to state that her findings of heteronormativity in preschools “demonstrate the importance of teachers actively working to disrupt heteronormativity, which is already ingrained in children by ages 3 to 5.”

Really? Is it ingrained or are children – by behaving in “heteronormative” ways – just displaying human nature?

A number of commenters on conservative activist Steven Crowder’s Facebook page certainly appear to think so.

Some food for thought from The Activist Mommy on this topic:

Kids are too heterosexual? Excuse me? When kids “play house” and take on “traditional” gender roles, it’s because they are modeling what they see in nature and in their conscience. In the beginning, God made us male and female. It is obvious from our design that He intended for a man and a woman to procreate. It takes a radical leftist sexual deviant to twist a child’s conscience into homosexual thinking and practice to change that. If University professors are this far out of touch with reality, this is one of the best arguments for NOT attending university I think I’ve ever heard!

Campus Reform