University Proposes Disciplinary Action for Failure to Use Preferred Gender Pronoun


We’ve known for awhile it would come to this.

The idea that a person can choose their gender is so far removed from reality that there is a point at which it simply cannot co-exist with personal liberty.

Our rights end where someone else’s begin. This is why we have no right to physically attack someone–unless they’re physically attacking us. We have no right to tell a woman what to do with her body–unless she’s terminating the life of a separate body inside her. We have no right to limit someone’s free speech–unless they’re declaring they will, or telling someone else to, inflict harm upon us.

So when it comes to gender identity, sure, go ahead, identify as a unicorn. But as soon as you insist someone else agree you are a unicorn, you no longer have any individual freedom, because you are now insisting someone else do something they may not necessarily agree they should do.

Those inflicting society with far-fetched and ludicrous theories of self-identification, particularly when it comes to gender, have no interest in personal liberties that conflict with said theories.

They don’t care about personal liberty, they care about society actually requiring everyone else to hold their same theories. The US, founded as a Christian nation, decidedly does not require anyone believe anything, only that no one’s right to believe whatever they want is not infringed.

As conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart was fond of saying, politics is downstream from culture. So when the culture of our American universities is falling in step with this radical reasoning behind infringing rights, you can be assured it won’t be long before governing bodies are considering the same insanity.

The University of Minnesota has proposed a new policy that would punish students or teachers for referring to students using any pronoun other than their preferred pronoun. What’s crazy is that when they first proposed the policy, LGBT activists were worried it was too vague.

The Daily Wire reports on how they updated the insane policy to make very clear exactly what was expected of university faculty and the student body:

That earlier draft led members of several organizations key to advancing the policy to have concerns that the language was too vague, which could have led to misinterpretations. The school’s Council of Graduate Students also requested more specific consequences for those who break the new rules.

The new draft has addressed some of those concerns. Those who fail to adhere to the new policy, when implemented, will receive “disciplinary action up to and including termination from employment and academic sanctions up to and including academic expulsion.”

While these disciplinary actions appear harsh, it is still unclear how extensive the violation would need to be to result in expulsion or termination. When the draft was first introduced, the executive director and founder of Campus Pride, Shane Windmeyer, said: “The very first time a professor uses the wrong name or pronoun, it creates an environment where the individual doesn’t feel comfortable.”

Just in case anyone was under the impression that they weren’t considering anything fully fascistic, I guess.