University Sends Out Gag-Worthy (Literally) X-Rated Survey on Sex


Warning: this post contains highly graphic content 

If you’ve read Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World, then you might have some idea of what we are seeing happen on America’s college campuses.

A whole generation of young adults is being so inundated with graphic glorifications of no-boundaries sexual encounters it almost seems beyond shocking these days.

Every week we hear about another campus “sex week” featuring anal sex workshops and sex toys on display, and the rates of STDs, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and abortion among today’s young adults is staggering.

Still, news of a recent survey sent to students at Michigan State University recently seems to rise above and beyond even the most perverted sexual deviance being sponsored by a liberal university.

Campus Reform reported on this disgusting story:

A new “College Sex Survey” sent out by Michigan State University is asking students if they have ever “gagged on a penis” or “ejaculated on someone’s face.”

The survey, which is estimated to take half an hour and does not mandate participation, quizzes students about intricate details of their sexual relationships, including questions on pornogrophy, reaching an orgasm, using sex toys, and much more.

“How often do you think about porn while having sex with someone in order to maintain your arousal?” one question asks, providing participants with a list of possible answers.

Another question asks students if they “ever engaged in penetrative sex” that involves “a vibrator or a dildo,” a “bottle or vegetable,” or “hands to penetrate a sex partner.”

One student who spoke with Campus Reform was shocked when she came across the survey, and questions the stated purpose of the highly invasive and explicit questions:

“When I found out about the survey sent out at MSU I was laughing because I thought it was a joke,” Chrissy Clark, a student who took the survey, told Campus Reform. “I first saw it on barstool MSU, which is an Instagram that parodies college students. I thought that it might be an extra credit opportunity for a student research assistant but it was a serious survey sent out to students to understand sexual assault issues on campus.”

While Clark noted that “it doesn’t shock me that MSU is putting more of its resources into understanding more about sexual assault ‘culture’ on-campus” in light of the Larry Nassar scandal, she also stressed that “some of the questions had nothing to do with understanding assault” and that “it was like an awkward invasion of privacy.”

The survey turns out to be conducted by a third-party software research company, and it remains completely baffling as to how such elaborate and graphic questions could prevent sexual assault in any way.

We live in a culture that is so inundated with highly graphic, utterly abnormal sexual content people are becoming completely numb to just how perverted and inappropriate it is for adults, let along teenagers fresh out of high school, to be asking anyone about.

The Lord only knows what on earth all this info is being used for, but we parents need to use it as a wakeup call! Our nation’s schools and universities are turning into cesspools of sin and perversion and we absolutely must be aware of what our children are up against as they enter into the world.

Share this article with all the parents you know so they can see just how despicably low our higher learning institutions have fallen. And be sure to get involved in the Sex Ed Sit Out! It’s a grassroots campaign to protest the disgusting over-sexualization of children that our public school sex ed programs have become. Join in!