University Slammed for Allowing PhD Student to Document Self-Pleasure to Child P*rn

Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

A university in the United Kingdom is being slammed for allowing a PhD student to complete his degree by documenting his experience masturbating to animated child pornography.

The UK’s The Christian Institute reported that the University of Manchester green-lighted student Karl Andersson’s research of how people “experience sexual pleasure when reading shota,” that is, Japanese comics that depict young boys in highly suggestive poses.

Andersson reportedly masturbated to the images himself as part of his research.

“Why should hard-working taxpayers in my constituency have to pay for an academic to write about his experiences masturbating to Japanese porn?” Conservative MP Neil O’Brien asked in response to the story.

O’Brien slammed the student’s “PhD in masturbation.”

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The Christian Institute’s Deputy Director Ciarán Kelly expressed the sheer incredulity of the graduate research project.

“How this so-called research was approved is incomprehensible,” Kelly stated.

“If this student had said he wanted to document his pleasure at watching child pornography, you would imagine the police would have been contacted immediately. These comics are not simply some alternative art form that can legitimately be appreciated and studied. They involve the sexualisation of children.”

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