University To Start Putting Feminine Hygiene Products In All Restrooms “Regardless Of Gender”


In harmony with the ACLU’s recent call for tampons to be supplied in men’s restrooms, Oregon State University has made the decision to start putting feminine hygiene products in the restrooms of all campus buildings “regardless of gender.” The feminine hygiene products will be provided free of charge in student-funded buildings.

The Daily Barometer reports:

The Memorial Union and Student Experience Center will be including free feminine hygiene products and installing hygiene bins in all restrooms, regardless of gender. The installation will take place this winter term.

Both the MU and SEC, along with all other student-fee funded buildings were chosen by the Associated Students of Oregon State University to apply the initiative to their restrooms. According to the ASOSU Queer Affairs Coordinator, Julian Chu, this decision was made to fulfill the needs of people that have a menstruation without discriminating by gender and those who cannot afford personal hygiene products.

“With the increasing numbers of homelessness and poverty in Corvallis, this will be able to alleviate student’s budgets to other things such as food/groceries, books, gas, rent, etc.,” said Chu.

According to Chu, this initiative will help students who are struggling financially and aims to help these students attain other necessities without worrying about personal hygiene products.

“We are adding these resources to all bathrooms, as not all students who menstruate are female-identified, some may identify as LGBTQIA+, male, other, etc. Those students may not be comfortable entering a specific bathroom if we provided these resources only in a specific bathroom, and would exclude them from receiving these resources,” Chu said via email. 

“As someone who menstruates, having access to free products for a normal bodily function will alleviate stress in situations where I may not have a certain product on me and am in need,” Kylie Boenisch, vice president of ASOSU said via email, according to The Daily Barometer. “Products for other normal bodily functions are free in our everyday life, such as toilet paper, tissues, etc. Access to products is not a privilege, it’s a right.”

This is just another progressive, LGBT cause that all students are going to be forced to support with their tuition dollars whether they agree with it or not.

This is also an obvious concession to the demands of those who believe that restrooms should and can be shared by biological men and women, a veritable can of worms when it comes to campus safety. Whatever happened to “rape culture?” Just let all the mentally ill biological females into the men’s room! That sounds like a great idea, right? Ugh! 

At any rate, as for the cost Chu said, “What we hope to achieve in regards to applying it to all buildings and having the end goal be where OSU pays for these products otherwise students will still be paying for these menstrual products.” In other words, he wants tuition rates to be raised so that everyone can have “free” tampons and pads.

Sure makes a lot of sense, especially considering how much money will truly be wasted on supplying these products in men’s restrooms where only a very, very small fraction of students would actually be using them. How many products will go to waste or sit unused?

It’s not about logic or reality. It’s the LGBT crowd chalking up another win and further imposing their truth-denying agenda on us all.

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