UPDATE: Judge Rules 7-Year-Old James Younger’s Father DOES Have Say In Child’s Gender Transition


Yet another miracle has occurred in the case of little James Younger, the 7-year-old Texas boy whose pediatrician mother was awarded the right to proceed with his “gender transitioning,” including puberty-blocking and “chemical castration” drugs.

On Monday, it seemed as though all hope had been lost that James would be spared the horrific fate his mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, is so bent on rushing him into. In an 11-1 ruling, a jury decided to grant Georgulas sole conservatorship over the boy, including the sole authority in making medical decisions for him, against the wishes of his father, Jeffrey Younger.

After fighting tirelessly to save James since the boy was a toddler, Younger was finally given some small measure of justice on Thursday when 255th Circuit Court Judge Kim Cooks ruled that he be awarded joint conservatorship, effectively granting him an equal say in the boy’s tentative “transition.”

According to LifeSiteNews, one of a small handful of media outlets covering the outrageous case at the scene, Cooks also placed a gag order on Younger “so that he cannot speak to the press about the case and decided that the father is not required to pay attorney fees.”

Cooks also ruled that the “Save James” website, which Younger has used as an archive of photos and videos of James, testimonials, vital court documents, and research on the dangers of “gender transitioning” will have to be shut down pursuant to the gag order.

Just before the ruling, Cooks had reporters from Life Site, The Texan, and The Daily Mail removed from the courtroom. ABC, CBS 11, and NBC were reportedly allowed to remain in the courtroom for the remainder of the session. In spite of this, the story is still getting shockingly little coverage in the mainstream media.

Thankfully, LifeSite reporter Madeleine Jacob was able to sit and talk with Younger just a few moments before Cooks issued the ruling and gag order. In what could be his last interview on the case, Younger expressed his utter shock at Monday’s jury ruling and assured the world that he is simply unable to give up the fight for his son’s safety, no matter the cost.

“Well, I was just completely shocked,” Younger said when asked about his reaction to the jury’s decision. “I mean, we put up an email from Ms. Georgulas to me in which she contemplates cutting the penis off my son. Twenty minutes later, they go into deliberations and they come back voting against me.”

“The texas that I grew up in, the Texas that I live in, if a parent did that, we’re just gonna give him to the other parent. We’re not gonna tolerate that kind of craziness,” Younger continued. “So it just tells you…really how far our society has changed and how much less Christian we are in the way we think about things now, and I hope it’s a wake-up call to the churches to awake from their dogmatic slumber and step out onto the streets of the Agora as Paul did in Athens and start taking on these issues head-on.”

Amen!! It is simply unfathomable that we even live in a day and age in which a mother would not only want to castrate her little boy but be cheered on by society and granted the right to do so in a court of law! 

According to Younger’s extensive dossier on the situation, which may disappear any day now with the gag order in place, Georgulas is highly unstable and has experienced several mental breakdowns, including hallucinations, paranoia, and disturbing instances of claiming to hear the Holy Spirit telling her that Younger is a bad father as recently as 2015:

Ms. Georgulas and Mr. Younger became so disturbed at this phenomena that both agreed that she should seeks[sic] an evaluation by a neurologist. She developed odd paranoid behaviors. For example, Mr. Younger caught her several times eavesdropping on his phone conversations. She hacked his email account several times to read his emails.

…While on a date at a restaurant, Ms. Georgulas lost control of herself. It began with Ms. Georgulas telling Mr. Younger that the Holy Spirit was talking to her. Apparently, it was saying bad things about Mr. Younger. As Ms. Georgulas told Mr. Younger what she had heard, Ms. Georgulas would cock her head to the right and slightly up as if to hear something. According to Ms. Georgulas, the Holy Spirit was telling her that Mr. Younger was “a bad father and a bad influence.” This went on for about thirty minutes. Mr. Younger was quite shaken. He ended the date as soon as possible.

They left the restaurant and returned to the car. Ms. Georgulas began screaming in the car. She then began a peculiar journey through each human emotion about every fifteen to thirty seconds. She would at one time scream and hit Mr. Younger, then suddenly hug him and say she loved him, then scream in fear and hide her face, and so on. This went on for about a half hour, and involved numerous physical assaults by Ms. Georgulas on Mr. Younger. He took Ms. Georgulas home, where she went to bed early and slept late the next day. When she awoke, it was as if nothing had ever happened.

…Ms. Georgulas had two more such episodes before she was able to force Mr. Younger from the home. Mr. Younger became increasingly worried about the safety of the boys when in Ms. Georgulas’s care. At this time, the boys never left his sight, and Mr. Younger began to sleep in the boys room for fear of some bad event.

And in spite of every bit of evidence and testimony from Younger, eleven jurors still felt that this woman should be in charge of her son’s medical wellbeing. There are no polite words to describe such insanity.

“I’m ready and willing to go there because I would like to protect every child in the United States from these abhorrent practices by the medical community,” Younger declared in his LifeSite interview when asked if he would appeal the case to the state or even federal Supreme Court. “That’s one of the reasons why… we didn’t just say ‘Save James,’ we said ‘Save James, Save Thousands Of Kids’ and the reason we said that last part is we did not want to forget the other children who are suffering from this with parents that just don’t have the resources, the will, the capacity, the circumstances to fight.”

Praise God for this father’s courage, as well as that of the select few journalists who see this story as the groundbreaker that it is. It is to their utter shame that literally every single mainstream national news outlet has given this shocking story either minimal coverage or none whatsoever. 

Transgenderism isn’t merely an alternative, valid expression of human sexuality. It is a dangerous, anti-science, anti-design scourge on society. And, when imposed on children by clearly unstable parents, it is nothing short of child abuse.

Please continue to call and press Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to demand that they take swift action in seeing to it that James’ mother cannot harm him. As long as his mother has any access to him at all, James Younger is not safe.


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