UPDATE: Minnesota Dad Needs YOUR Help To Fight 10-Year-Old Son’s Forced Gender Transition


We are happy to report that there has been a positive development in the case of Miles Gewirtz, a 10-year-old Minnesota boy with autism whose dad is fighting to keep him from being forced to endure “gender transition” and become a “girl.”

Brenton Netz, Miles’ father, reached out to us to share that several other news sites picked up his son’s heartbreaking story after we first broke it back in November, giving his case much-needed exposure and helping him to secure good legal representation.

At the time, we reported that Miles’ mother, Sarah Gewirtz, began secretly “treating and affirming him as a girl” when he was just three years old:

Due to his diagnosis of autism at age 4, Netz adds, Miles was highly impressionable, allowing Gewirtz to impose a new identity on him: a girl named “Miley.”“Sarah has pushed: dolls, Disney princesses (his deepest obsession I would say) she pushed him to grow his hair long, and by the age of 6, had him wearing dresses, nightgowns and even lingerie,” Netz said. Much like Dr. Anne Georgulas, a pro-LGBT pediatrician and the mother of James Younger, Gewirtz appears to have an affinity for all things “inclusivity.” According to Netz, Gewirtz has curated quite the collection of LGBT literature as the librarian at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. Also like Dr. Georgulas, Netz reports that Gewirtz has an “emasculating nature about her” and what may very well be “a modern form of Munchausen by proxy disorder.”Gewirtz’s practice of imposing dolls and dresses on Miles was “kept secret (only in her home that I know of) until he was 7,” Netz continued. “Around age 7, Sarah informed me that Miles was from then on to be called ‘Miley’ be allowed to wear dresses during our weekends and extended summer time, and if I had a problem with this, I wasn’t allowed to have him anymore.”

Soon after, Gewirtz began taking him to Troy Weber-Brown, a “nonbinary” homosexual “gender therapist” at a clinic called Centracare who determined that Miles identified as a “transgender lesbian” at just nine years old.

Netz was also heartbroken to find horrifying videos of his son on YouTube, in which Miles sang profanity-laden songs in the middle of the night, proving to anyone with eyes to see that this poor boy is being groomed and neglected.

Folks, children this young don’t “identify” themselves with any sort of sexual orientation. If they do, clearly there’s an outside influence (or several) at work, and Netz isn’t going to rest until that influence is stamped out and his son can live a healthy, flourishing life like he did when he was a happy, male-identifying little boy.

As indicated by the similar case of Jeffrey and James Younger in Texas, however, the family court deck is stacked against Netz and in favor of Miles’ mother.

Thankfully, Netz announced last week, he was able to secure a great Minnesota family attorney to represent Miles’ case in the Stearns County Family Court whom he described as “a perfect fit for our case.”

“This was a missing piece of the puzzle,” Netz said of the attorney, whose name will be announced at a later date.

This is a huge step, but make no mistake—Brenton and Miles have a long way to go before they’re out of the woods, and they need your help on the way.

“We’ve currently reached the stage of securing legal representation, but we desperately need continued funds to finance the next stage of this legal battle in the Minnesota family court,” Netz said in an email. “This case we hope will not only save my son Miles from puberty blockers, but protect all autistic kids going forward, by setting a legal precedent to add further legal considerations for children who have mental and emotional impairments related to this issue.”

Netz also pleaded for researchers to reach out to him, specifically those familiar with the serious risks of the puberty blockers Miles will soon be subjected to if his mother has her way. “I’m finding that most people just haven’t heard about puberty blockers yet,” Netz said, “but once they do…they’re outraged.”

As for getting Miles’ story out to society at large, Netz sincerely desires to reach the mainstream media much like Jeffrey Younger was able to. Younger’s broad reach even caught the attention of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Rep. Matt Krause, thanks in no small part to LifeSite News’ constant coverage and The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who took to Twitter to plead with Texas officials to step into the case.

Reaching a broad audience was crucial to Jeffrey Younger’s ongoing battle to save his son. If each of us shared Brenton and Miles’ story in Facebook groups, online forums, YouTube videos, and in emails and tweets to public officials in Minnesota, the tide could turn for this precious young boy. When you do, use the following hashtags: #savemiles #savemilesgewirtz #protectautistickids #protectmilesgewirtz

Saints, it’s going to take a village to save this child! We’ve got to come alongside this warrior dad and empower him to keep taking a stand for his little boy! Please prayerfully consider supporting his GoFundMe campaign. This little boy will not embark down a journey of chemical and surgical mutilation, self-loathing, and pain! Not on our watch!!

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