UPDATE: “Red Rose Rescue” Activists Speak Following Release From Jail


Yesterday, a handful of dedicated pro-life activists across the country bravely entered abortion clinics in a coordinated attempt to rescue any babies they could from the cruel fate of abortion.

In their mission, called the “Red Rose Rescue,” the activists offered financial and material support to the women if they would spare the lives of their babies. Then, many chose to remain in the abortion clinics in solidarity with the children who lost their lives that day. Police forcibly removed them from the clinics.

In Virgina, six people, Joan Andrews Bell, Joan McKee, Julia Haag, Bonnie Borel-Donohue, Franciscan Father of the Renewal Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, and Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, were arrested and charged with trespassing and obstruction of justice.

In Michigan, four activists, Monica Migliorino Miller, Will Goodman, Abby McIntyre and Matthew Connolly, were arrested and subsequently charged with trespassing.

Fr. Imbarrato, who has been working with Priests for Life full-time for two years, said the chance of convincing the women inside to choose life for their children was worth the risk.

“We did decide to offer passive resistance to try and paralyze the operation of the abortion facility for as long as possible,” he told LifeSiteNews shortly after his release.

Imbarrato, who is 65, says he took part in the mission “to send a message to the pro-life movement and to my fellow clergy that I think that our response to the massacre to children has not even been minimally proportional.”

“I really think that what we did today was minimally proportional and we should look for more activist opportunities,” he added. “I really think that we need to do more to directly intervene on behalf of the babies.”

“We go limp because it’s kind of an ethical principle, a moral principle,” Migliorino Miller, who was arrested in Michigan, told LifeSiteNews of the conscious act of civil disobedience.

“We will not leave the abortion clinic and leave the babies who are about to be aborted on our own power, we have to be taken away,” she said.

The mission was called “Red Rose Rescue” after the “pro-life rescue activity of well-known Canadian activist Mary Wagner, who has repeatedly entered Toronto abortion centers and offered red roses to mothers waiting to have their children aborted,” the group’s press-release read.

At the same time as the coordinated demonstrations in Virgina and Michigan, two women in New Mexico entered the University of New Mexico Center for Reproductive Health and handed red roses and offered support to the women in the waiting room. They chose not to remain to be arrested based on their consciences, according to spokeswoman Tara Shaver.

“We really just wanted to stand in solidarity with Mary Wagner and the babies and the rest of the rescuers,” she told LifeSiteNews.

“Our community needs to rise up and do more to save the babies here, so hopefully this is just the beginning of you know more direct action to save babies from abortion here,” Shaver added.

Shaver is right, let the actions of these brave activists inspire you in your own community. We are all called to serve in different ways, so pray that God can reveal to you ways you can get involved in this fight for life.

These men and women were willing to subject themselves to arrest and criminal charges at the slight chance they might save a life. Are you willing to rise up and join the fight?

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