UPDATE: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and DFPS Take Action After Court Rules In Favor Of Mom Transitioning 7-Year-Old


The gut-wrenching story of James Younger, the 7-year-old Texas boy whose sick mother recently won the approval of the court to proceed with chemically castrating him under the pretense that he is actually a transgender girl, has just had a miraculous turn of events.

Only yesterday, we reported that James’ mother, Anne Georgulas, seemingly won a heated battle against the boy’s father, Jeffrey Younger, when a jury determined that Georgulas should receive sole managing guardianship of James his twin brother Jude Younger.

Effectively, this means Jeffrey Younger would be completely powerless to halt his ex-wife’s plans to begin using puberty blockers and eventually hormone treatments to proceed with James’ “gender transition.” 

How convenient, considering Georgulas is apparently a pediatrician who may stand to profit from promoting exactly the kinds of therapies she wants to impose on her son:

Later in the evening, however, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement that the state Attorney General and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) are now looking into James Younger’s harrowing situation. Praise God!

The announcement comes after the court decision sparked a massive backlash among conservative and liberal groups as well as individuals, including The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who called on Gov. Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz, President Donald Trump, and others to intervene in James’ dire situation.

Although Gov. Abbott’s statement was rather terse, most likely in an effort to avoid presenting any bias before making a move, others, such as Sen. Cruz, spoke with the severity this situation deserves:

Amen!! It’s not too harsh to declare that Ms. Georgulas’ alleged practices of teaching her son that he is a girl from age three, withholding affection unless he acts feminine, and even telling him that monsters only eat boys constitute child abuse. In fact, considering those claims, it’s an absolute wonder DFPS hasn’t stepped in sooner!

In addition to Gov. Abbott’s statement, Texas Rep. Matt Krause stated that he will “introduce legislation that prohibits the use of puberty blockers in these situations for children under 18:”

If Rep. Krause follows through, this could perhaps become one of the most important pieces of legislation in the country—possibly prompting other states to take similar action. Let’s pray that’s the case! It is the duty of our elected officials to pass laws that reasonably protect citizens from harm and, as much as proponents of transgender insanity refuse to admit it, the drugs and procedures used in “gender transitioning” do cause harm.

Not only do transgender individuals experience sky-high suicide rates as a group, the drugs used in chemical “transitioning,” as we’ve previously reported, cause very real harm. In other words, James’ mother isn’t just risking his mental wellbeing, she’s risking his life.

Please reach out to Rep. Krause, Gov. Abbott, and Attorney General Ken Paxton to thank them for stepping into this dire situation! This precious little boy’s life hangs in the balance, pray and encourage them to act swiftly!

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