UPDATE: Transgender Ax Attacker Involved In Prison Fight Due To “De-Transitioning”


The case of Karl “Evie” Amati just gets wilder and wilder.

As we previously reported, Amati brutally attacked customers with an ax at a 7-Eleven in Enmore, New South Wales, Australia. Because of his status as a gender-confused biological man, Amati initially received a despicably lenient sentence in spite of his heinous crime and clear danger to society.

Last month, we reported:

In chilling security footage of the attack, Amati can be seen walking into the store with the ax, engaging her first victim, Ben Rimmer, in a short conversation near the cash register, then slamming the ax right into his face.

After attacking Rimmer, who miraculously survived the horrific attack, Amati also swung the ax at a woman standing in the doorway of the store. The second victim also survived, but with critical injuries including a cracked skull, Breitbart reported at the time. The video then shows Amati calmly walking out of the store, ax in hand.

During his lengthy and controversial trial, Amati pleaded not guilty “on mental health grounds and said [he] was not sound of mind due to a toxic mix of hormone medication, cannabis, amphetamines and alcohol,” according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Just how long did the Australian court system rule Amati should serve for his crime? A minimum of four and a half years, but no more than nine. Incredible.

To read more about the insanity displayed in Amati’s trial and sentencing, read our report here.

Now, reports have surfaced that Amati was involved in a fight at the women’s prison at which he resides because other inmates want him moved to a men’s prison. 

Hold the phone! Why is this biological male violent offender housed in prison with women in the first place?? What on earth is going on in the minds of authorities in Australia?!

According to News.com.au, the fight occurred during an appeal against Amati’s “manifestly inadequate” sentence:

The NSW Court of Criminal Appeal heard that Amati’s maximum nine-year and minimum four-and-a-half year sentence was “so manifestly inadequate that it is an affront to the administration of justice”.

Crown barrister Maria Cinque told the CCA that nine years was inappropriate for just one of the three attacks, on victim Ben Rimmer whose face Amati split, fracturing his nasal bone, eye socket and cheekbones.

News.com.au also reported that that Amati, who had “gender reassignment surgery” in Thailand in 2014, had been involved in multiple fights at the Mary Wade Women’s Correctional Centre since his trial last year.

During the appeal against Amati’s short sentence, prompted largely by one of the victims he nearly killed, Amati and an actual female inmate got into a fight after the woman told Amati he needed to be in a male prison.

In a sane world, Amati would be tried for his crimes irrespective of his status as a “transwoman”. Even in a reasonable world, Amati would be denounced as a predator for his attacks against female inmates. But, in our twisted world, Amati’s violence is excused because, as News.com.au states, he is “‘de-transitioning’ from female back to male.”

This is exactly what we can expect when mental illness is celebrated and affirmed rather than addressed and treated. We must wake up to the dangerous reality that awaits us as the transgender movement gains steam.


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