US Begins Stockpiling Coronavirus Vaccines Under “Operation Warp Speed”


“Hundreds of thousands of doses” of coronavirus vaccines are currently being manufactured and stockpiled in the United States in hopes that at least one of them will be effective in combating the virus.

According to Fox Business, a senior Trump administration official said on Tuesday that the administration’s Operation Warp Speed has doses—none of which have been approved or authorized for use—from three companies the U.S. government has already paid for the vaccine manufacturing process.

Upon approval and licensure by the Food and Drug Administration, the vaccines would be ready to be deployed.

The official declined to specify which companies the vaccines came from.

“As I mentioned manufacturing is already underway for three of our vaccines,” Paul Mango, Health and Human Services deputy chief of staff, told the outlet. “We already have manufacturing started for the other three. We are retrofitting a number of facilities.”

Mango reported that the U.S. expects to have four coronavirus candidate vaccines in large-scale clinical trials by the middle of September and that the government is “very pleased” with the progress.

As we reported last month, billions of taxpayer dollars have found their way to competing pharmaceutical companies thanks to the federal government’s blitz to get a coronavirus vaccine to market as quickly as possible.

The program to develop, produce, and distribute a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, which Fox Business describes as “ambitious,” cost $10 billion, much of which wound up in the pockets of vaccine manufacturers who will sell their product at a profit.

Back in June, we reported that at least two candidate vaccines will be developed using aborted fetal byproducts—not an uncommon practice in the pharmaceutical industry.

Veteran vaccine developers such as Dr. Paul Offit have also expressed sincere concern regarding the safety of a vaccine rushed to market so quickly, warning of catastrophic consequences from similar vaccines.

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