US Olympian Gold Medalist Gives “All Glory to God” After Breaking Five-Week-Old World Record


Just a few weeks ago, we brought you the humbling story of world record-breaking hurdler Sydney McLaughlin, who made history while qualifying for the Olympic Games in Oregon in June.

The stunning athlete gave all the credit to God, to whom she has recently given her life.

After breaking her own record by just a few milliseconds at the Tokyo Games and earning a gold medal, becoming the youngest medalist in the event’s history, McLaughlin once again gave all the praise to her Creator.

“Just trusting the process. Giving the glory to God,” she said after breaking her own record in the 400-meter hurdle event, as reported by SportsSpectrum. “It’s all, this season, hard work and dedication. And [I’m] just really grateful to be able to represent my country and to have this opportunity.”

The 21-year-old track sensation completed the event in 51.46 seconds; her previous record was 51.9 seconds.

At the Olympic trials in June, McLaughlin credited “child-like faith” to her success on the track.

“Honestly, this season, just working with my new coach and my new support system, it’s truly just faith and trusting the process. I couldn’t ask for anything more and truly it is all a gift from God,” McLaughlin told reporters after her impressive run.

“I think the biggest difference this year is my faith, trusting God and trusting that process, and knowing that He’s in control of everything,” she said of the difference in this season as compared to previous years. “As long as I put the hard work in, He’s going to carry me through. And I really cannot do anything more but give the glory to Him at this point.”

“I could feel this meet was going to be something special… but MAN. Weeks like these are some of the hardest in a track athletes life,” she also wrote on Instagram at the time.

“The mental strain of preparing for the rounds in order to solidify your spot is heavy enough. But the amount of weight the Lord took off my shoulders, is the reason I could run so freely yesterday. My faith was being tested all week. From bad practices, to 3 false start delays, to a meet delay. I just kept hearing God say, ‘Just focus on me.’ It was the best race plan I could have ever assembled,” she explained.

“I no longer run for self recognition, but to reflect His perfect will that is already set in stone. I don’t deserve anything. But by grace, through faith, Jesus has given me everything. Records come and go. The glory of God is eternal. Thank you Father.”

In November, McLaughlin shared her newfound faith on Instagram, posting a video of her baptism.

“For twenty-one years I was running from the greatest gift I could ever receive,” she wrote. “And by His grace, I have been saved. I no longer live, but Christ in me. My past has been made clean because of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Praise Him!

Elite athletes like McLaughlin declare the Lord’s glory in their athleticism by pushing the limits of what the human body, which He designed, is capable of.

But there is nothing more admirable than the humility and vocal faith of this amazing hurdler and new Christian who turned a moment in which she could have basked in the praise she is receiving from the world for her skill into an opportunity to praise God!

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