Do You Use Mastercard? You Might Want to Tell Them How You Feel About This Controversial Ad


We have been covering the heated debate on gay marriage that is currently happening in Austrailia as citizens vote via postal survey this fall whether to legalize same-sex marriage.

This week, Mastercard Austrailia posted on Facebook their clear support for “marriage equality” in the form of an individual post and also a change to their page’s cover photo.

Mastercard is a massive company and no doubt their global leadership OK’d this brazen support for gay marriage. They have millions of customers around the world and are polarizing many by doing this.

At Mastercard equality is at our very core & we believe it to be a fundamental human right. We consider all love to be equal and we proudly support marriage equality.

Posted by Mastercard on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Facebook page Americans for Truth About Homosexuality says that “More than likely, if Mastercard Australia is jumping on the bandwagon of redefining marriage, the entire company is. Mastercard is a global company and these decisions are almost always made from the top-down. Please take the time to write to Mastercard here why they are wrong side of history. Thanks in advance.”

As Christians and defenders of traditional values, we need to stand with our brothers and sisters in Austrailia and around the world and let Mastercard know how we feel.

Homosexuality is not a fundamental right, as Mastercard claims, it is a sin and the more it is normalized, the more people will suffer and die in their sin.

Here is a list of communications executives for Mastercard around the world. Please let them know that their global customers do not share their views on same-sex marriage!