VA School Superintendent Indicted for Covering Up Campus Rape Amid Trans Bathroom Controversy

Photo by Robert L. on Unsplash

The former Loudoun County, Virginia school superintendent has been indicted by a grand jury over allegations that he covered up the rape of a female student in a girls’ bathroom at the hands of a young man who was wearing a skirt at the time and said to have identified as gender fluid.

Loudoun County’s transgender bathroom policies as well as a heated clash between many parents and teachers and the progressive school board have garnered national attention over the last two years and the locality as served as the epicenter of the parental rights’ movement.

Now-former Superintendent Scott Ziegler has faced criticism on a number of points, but perhaps none so noteworthy as the accusation that he downplayed and covered-up the rape, which a court case determined had been committed by an unidentified minor on Loudon County school grounds in 2021.

Last week, Ziegler was fired by the school board in a closed doors meeting after charges for false publication, prohibited conduct, and penalizing an employee for a court appearance were filed by a special grand jury.

Days later, parents demanded the school board members resign for failing to hold Ziegler accountable for his actions.

In 2021, the unidentified minor student assaulted two girls on Loudoun County school grounds.

In the first incident, the student, who is said to identify as “gender-fluid” sodomized his victim in the girls’ bathroom. He was wearing a skirt at the time.

However, the young man was simply transferred to another school, where he allegedly forced another girl into a classroom and nearly suffocated her as he sexually assaulted her.

In June 2021, the father of the first victim was arrested at a school board meeting after he became belligerent when Ziegler reassured parents that “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” and that “to my knowledge we don’t have any record of assaults happening in our bathrooms.”

Yet according to email records, Ziegler notified the board of the incident the same day it happened, rendering his comments to the school board meeting on that day a “bald-faced lie” according to the grand jury.

“Two young girls were sexually assaulted. The second assault could have been prevented,” one parent told the board last week.

“Every single one of you that stood and protected Ziegler, you guys all need to resign now,” another told the members.

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