VA Schools Reinstate Books Containing Pedophilia Despite Viral Objection From Concerned Mom


At the beginning of this school year, a Virginia mom went viral after reading aloud from two books she’d found in her son’s high school library that contained explicit references to — and in the case of one book, graphics of — sex between adults and children.

The books were initially pulled from the school for review amid the uproar and have now been reinstated.

The Christian Post reports that the two committees tasked with determining the suitability of books in question, Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison and Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe, both unanimously decided they were fit for school bookshelves.

Kobabe celebrated the decision to place her books back on school shelves.

“I’m glad that the book has been reinstated, where I hope it will continue to inspire and comfort young adult readers who have been marginalized economically, racially, or by virtue of their sexual identification, so that these young people might find their rightful place within the large culture,” she said, according to The Washington Post.

In September, mom Stacy Langton, whose son attends high school in the Fairfax County Public School system, told the board that the two books she found “include pedophilia, sex between men and boys.”

“The illustrations include fellatio, sex toys, masturbation, and violent nudity,” she explained.

Gender Queer is a graphic novel by an author who identifies as nonbinary and which contains several very detailed, explicit sexual illustrations and quotes such as a text message the author protagonist is delighted to receive which reads, “I can’t wait to have your c*** in my mouth. I am going to give you the blowjob of your life, and then I want you inside me.”

Author Rod Dreher posted several of the book’s most shocking images to Twitter, but be warned, they are highly graphic:

In the book Lawn Boy, as Langton told the school board, a character discusses having had sexual relations with an adult male when he was just 10 years old.

“What if I told you I touched another guy’s d***? What if I told you I sucked it? I was ten years old, but it’s true. I sucked Doug Goble’s d***, the real estate guy, and he sucked mine too,” the quote she shared reads.

Ironically, Langton was interrupted by a school board member who told her not to read from the book as there were children present.

As the books are framed as tools to help LGBT and other marginalized youth, many progressives were outraged to hear that they’d been pulled from FCPS library bookshelves and largely downplayed the graphic content.

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