Vermont Man Who Thinks He’s a Woman Running for Governor Because He Thinks He Understands Women



Ok, let’s unpack this.

So, a man in Vermont, who thinks he’s a woman, decided to run for governor, and believes one of his appeals is that he is (in his mind) now a woman.

Is it ever possible to get used to this level of stupidity? reports:

A transgender woman hoping to become the Vermont Democratic gubernatorial candidate said she’s seeking the nomination because of her status as a business leader, not her status as transgender.

Christine Hallquist said Wednesday that she believes she has the skills and ideas to move the state forward. Next week, she plans to officially leave her position at an energy electric company to focus full-time on her campaign.

Hallquist says she plans to file paperwork soon and would continue the trend of transgender people running for elected office; a spokesman for the LGBTQ Victory Fund, a political action committee that backs LGBTQ candidates, said that in 2017, the number of transgender men and women in elected office more than doubled.

Having lived as both a man as a woman gives her a different perspective, Hallquist said.

“I have a unique experience with women’s issues,” Hallquist said. “As a male I was not aware, unfortunately, of the gender hierarchy.”

So before I bang my head into my desk, let me quickly show you a picture of this dude:

Yeah, sorry buddy…but whatever your experience is like as you live your life dressed as a woman, it’s definitely not because anyone thinks you are an actual woman.

Furthermore, can we just take a moment to appreciate how very un-feminist and offensive it is that a man can just appropriate our gender and pretend for even a moment that he knows what it’s like to be a woman?

Has he endured the confusion of female puberty? Has had to endure the predatory stares of thirsty men, who say crude things to you as you walk by? Has he carried human children in his womb, with unbearable back pain, only to spend 30 hours in extreme discomfort and pain getting it out? Has he ever gone days with only a few hours of sleep at once, nursing a newborn around the clock? Experienced menopause, hot flashes, female aging?

Or, to put it very simply, has he actually spent his whole life with two X chromosomes, experiencing childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and aging as a biological woman? 

No, of course, he hasn’t! There is no possible way he can at all identify with what women have gone through, simply because he wears his hair long and puts on pearls and cardigans.

He. Is. Not. A. Woman.

He’s a psychologically ill man, who needs therapy, not to be given governance over a whole state. 

This gender insanity is getting out of control!