Vicious Mob Attacks Man Trying to Defend A Dallas Business With A Sword During Riots


In one of many grisly scenes from the riots that burned through the nation earlier in the week, a Dallas man was captured on video being brutally beaten by a mob after defending a storefront with a sword.

“It appears he attempted to defend a shop with a large sword. Looters ran at him, then he charged rioters,” wrote eyewitness Elijah Schaffer, a reporter for The Blaze. “They then beat him with a skateboard and stoned him with medium sized rocks.”

Other reports from the scene alleged that the man had instigated the incident by rushing at a crowd with a machete.


Dallas News attempts to clarify the timeline of the incident:

Two less-widely circulated videos on social media show not only the attack but also 10 to 15 seconds leading up to it.

Those videos show several people hurling objects at the man, who appears to be holding a long bladed object. The man eventually runs in the direction of someone carrying a skateboard. Then more than a dozen people descend on him and attack from all sides.

Even in the longer videos, the confrontation had already begun, leaving it unclear what happened leading up to the incident.

According to a report from Black Sports Online, a man named Charles C.A. Shoultz has identified himself as the victim in the now-viral video.

In a series of tweets, copied by Black Sports Online before Shoultz made his account private, he gives his side of the story.

“Hey, funny story. The guy in this video getting his ass kicked? That’s me,” Shoultz wrote. “I had a bit of an adventure this evening trying to protect a bar I love, one that ended with me in the hospital. But I am quite alive, if a bit worse for the wear.”

“I shall eagerly confess that ‘on my own’ was a big mistake,” Shoultz said. “I felt a certain amount of direct danger from the large groups moving through the neighborhood, because Victory Park is MY neighborhood. I live in an apartment building only a few blocks from where I was attacked. I didn’t come from far away.”

“So my thought was it would be better to go to them first,” he said. “I felt a strong feeling that it was better to let myself meet the danger head-on rather than wait for it to come seek me out.”

“This was probably foolish, rather than brave, in hindsight. But it is what I thought at the time.”

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