Victim of “GirlsDoPorn” Sex Trafficking Scheme Speaks Out About Ongoing Trauma


A victim of the “GirlsDoPorn” sex trafficking ring, who was coerced into filming pornography and essentially held hostage as she was raped repeatedly, recently spoke out about her ongoing mental health struggles as well as her commitment to expose the evils of the pornography industry.

Jane Doe is one of the dozens of women who were trafficked by the operators of the now-defunct pornography site, and like many of the other victims, was lured by promises of a modeling gig into signing agreements she didn’t understand, consuming drugs and alcohol, and made the subject of several on-camera acts of sexual assault.

Speaking to Fight the New Drug’s “Consider Before Consuming” podcast, Jane told her story of flying from Washington state to San Diego to meet the creators of the website, who whisked her off to a hotel room where they plied her into posing for explicit photographs and plied her with marijuana and alcohol.

Between 9 pm and 4 am, she was repeatedly raped and made to sign agreements she didn’t understand.

She would later learn that her assailant was GirlsDoPorn performer Ruben Garcia, who has since been sentenced to twenty years in prison for the role he played in the trafficking scheme.

“This defendant lured one victim after another with fake modeling ads, false promises and deceptive front companies, ultimately devolving to threats to coerce these women into making sex videos,” U.S. Attorney Randy Grossman said at the time of Garcia’s sentencing.

“Even when victims told Garcia how the scheme had devastated their lives, he showed no regard for their well-being. The crime was utterly callous in nature and there is no excuse or justification for his conduct, which was driven purely by greed. The harm inflicted by this defendant will last a lifetime for his victims. Hopefully today’s sentence will offer them a sense of justice.”

Although Jane Doe now owns the rights to her videos and was one of the recipients of a payout the GirlsDoPorn creators were ordered to pay to their victims as the result of a civil suit last year, she is still traversing the path of a painful recovery.

“I’m stronger than I used to be,” she told the podcast. “I had some suicide attempts, even right before trial last year. I went in with stitches on my arm. I have this nice scar [on my forearm] that almost looks surgical. And when people ask what happened, I don’t like to lie. I’m not here to gain anything. I’m not being paid for this. I don’t want to have monetary gain from the trafficking, from the trauma. I’m simply here to tell my story in hopes that, hopefully, we can stop this.”

She has been hospitalized at times because she doesn’t trust herself.

CBN News noted that Jane even withheld the truth about the role she played in the videos from her own family members, preferring that they believe that she participated willingly rather than that they would know the truth about her being held hostage and raped.

Only after Garcia’s trial did she finally slowly reveal to them the truth about what happened.

Now, she is working to expose the dark reality of the pornography industry, in which abuse, coercion, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse are rampant.

“I don’t think that people understand that, when they go to the internet to get a ‘quick fix,’ they don’t understand that they might be participating in human trafficking,” she explained.

“I know it’s always going to be there,” Jane said. “But we can bring education to people; we can bring it to the light of day and hopefully help people who have been through any sort of sexual trauma because there is hope in healing. It’s definitely not easy — it’s very hard and it’s a long road — but I’m living proof: I’m still here, begrudgingly at times. But I’m doing better, and I’m excited to educate and bring this to light.”

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