Victoria’s Secret Launches New Campaign Featuring Transgender Model During Coronavirus Outbreak


The lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is attracting attention by launching a spring line featuring a transgender model.

The new “Body by Victoria” line launched last week, featuring the Brazilian model “Valentina” Sampaio, according to W Magazine.

The move follows the resignation of chief marketing officer Ed Razek, who stepped down in 2019 after declaring that Victoria’s Secret would never use transgender or plus-sized models.

However, Victoria’s Secret couldn’t have chosen a worse time to go live with the spring campaign as, just days after the launch, it announced the temporary closure of all its stores in the U.S. and Canada due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“With constant breaking news regarding COVID-19, we have made the extremely difficult decision to close our stores in the U.S. and Canada,” the company announced in a tweet last Tuesday. “Responding safely and responsibly is one way we will continue to show our appreciation for those who make Victoria’s Secret possible, especially during difficult times.”

The company added that it would continue to “support” its associates with full pay, but didn’t say when the stores would re-open.

On Thursday, the brand announced also said that it is closing down its online store until March 29.

“As with our previous announcement regarding store closures, we will be paying associates who are impacted by these actions,” the company said in a tweet.

Although it is very generous of this company to continue to support its workers while they are stuck at home, it would be unwise to let this latest marketing move be swept under the rug.

When they eventually resume operation, do not forget the values Victoria’s Secret has openly pushed during a time of great crisis for our country.

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