Victory for Nevada Parents Who Fought Against Progressive Gender Identity Bill in Schools


Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, is currently finishing up a second stint in Facebook jail for “hate speech”. This was the second time she was blocked out of her personal account, The Activist Mommy Facebook page, and Messenger in the month of August.

Her second infraction was a classic example of how dangerous it is to label speech as “hateful” and treat it differently than other forms of speech: she simply stated that gender dysphoria was a mental illness.

Elizabeth’s page and ministry have been no stranger to attacks like these, and as time goes on, it gets harder and harder for us to operate as the authoritarians on the left work harder and harder to silence voices like ours.

So you may wonder, sometimes, why we keep at it, why we push on, why we do what we do.

Well, this story out of Nevada is exactly why. There are parents all over the nation who are sick and tired of the progressive agenda in the public schools that they pay taxes to fund and send their children to each and every day.

They’re sick and tired of wondering if and when their children will be unable to use the bathroom or change after gym class without the proper privacy, or when they’ll walk into health class one day to receive a detailed lecture on the safest way to engage in sodomy.

These parents deserve a voice like ours–because they are powerful forces for good in this world.

Parents, you are so much stronger than you realize and you have the power to push back and stand up to the progressives that rely on your silence and compliance to sneak their perverted, godless, anti-American agenda into our schools.

Nevada parents are inspiring us today as they celebrate a significant victory against this agenda.

“Statewide guidelines on policies for transgender students at Nevada’s public schools were stalled once more on Thursday,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, “after the Legislative Commission pulled the matter from consideration amid a continuing outcry from parents who say it violates their children’s rights.”

The Nevada Family Alliance, with the help of the Alliance Defending Freedom, celebrated this great news in an email this week, writing:

We are relieved to announce that the regulation regarding gender identity in Nevada schools being pushed by progressive activist groups, has been pulled from Thursday’s agenda. We at Nevada Family Alliance were glad to be able to lead the battle against a policy that would threaten our students’ free speech, religious freedom, privacy, and safety.

But, they warn us, the fight is far from over:

We celebrate that this policy was pulled, however, our fight for Nevada families is far from over. This, among other dangerous polices, lurk at our doorstep. We will remain vigilant and keep you updated on issues that will affect you, your family, religious freedom, or free speech.

This is an important message for all of us–we can’t let our guard down for a second. They won’t stop coming for our liberty–or our children’s privacy, so it is more important than ever to remain steadfastly vigilant in our fight to defend our values and the innocence of our children.