This Video Completely Destroys the Gun Control Debate In Less Than Two Minutes


In the wake of a mass shooting, the gun control debate always gets raging. This time, it seems, liberals barely care that law enforcement has yet to determine the weapon used in the Las Vegas shooting and have jumped right to introducing bills and crying with Jimmy Kimmel about how big, bad, and mean guns are.

Why is it that when there is a mass shooting, everyone wants to ban guns? Guns are used each and every day to protect this country, our streets, and even our whiny liberal celebrities by their armed security details.

But when there was a mass truck attack in France, no one was talking about banning trucks? When the Boston Marathon bombers made a bomb with a pressure cooker, no one was talking about banning pressure cookers?

Of course, mass murder is already illegal, so it’s hard to think that more laws would prevent evil from existing. It’s been around since before guns were invented and it will be around even if every gun in America was confiscated.

There is, however, one thing we might be able to ban to prevent a massacre that is happening every single day in the United States. Please watch and share!

This NEEDS to be BANNED!

If saving innocent lives is your highest priority then we should be able to agree on this one thing. Enough is enough! #GoodBeatsEvil

Posted by Good Beats Evil on Monday, October 9, 2017

That’s right–it’s human abortion that needs to be banned. Murder outside the womb is already illegal, but murder inside the womb is still completely legal in many states.

These are the mass deaths we need to be more concerned about, and that legal action needs to be taken to stop. Share this with all your liberal friends who want to ban guns!