VIDEO: Drag Queen Performs in K-8 School Chapel, Flashes Portion of Buttocks


Yet another clip of a questionable drag performance has gone viral — but this time, the incident is causing particular outrage due to the fact that it was filmed in the chapel of an Episcopalian K-8 school in the Big Apple.

New York City drag performer and activist posted a video of his performance to Instagram, writing “A Catholic High School here in NYC invited me to their Pride Chapel. Visibility matters and I’m so honored to have had the chance to talk to you about my work as a LGBTQ+ Drag Queen Activist.”

As the Iowa Standard clarified, the performer had been mistaken and the venue was the independent Episcopalian Grace Church School, a Manhattan K-8 school which is committed to “inclusion,” “diversity,” and “antiracism.”

“Who said you can’t have a drag queen at church?” the video caption read.

In the video, as the performer is introduced as “the queen of New York,” he struts down the aisle of the apparently 19th Century chapel to a cheering standing ovation from the audience in the pews.

Approaching the altar area, the drag queen appears to flash a bit of his partly exposed buttocks from beneath his very short dress.

Worship leader and activist Sean Feucht tweeted out a video of the incident noting that “many think we’re just overreacting” to the growing popularity of drag performances for children.

This summer, controversy has erupted over drag events specifically aimed at children, such as a Miami bar that was recently subject to a complaint from the state of Florida over its highly sexualized drag performances during a weekend brunch that offered a kids menu and directly advertised that children were welcome.

Meanwhile, New York City public schools have also come under scrutiny over the alarming amount of public funds diverted to host drag performances and events in schools and libraries, included cases where parents were not alerted beforehand.

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