VIDEO: Queens Woman Snatches 5-Year-Old Back From Would-Be Kidnapper In Hair-Raising Incident


The neighborhood of Richmond Hill in Queens, New York is in shock after a man attempted to snatch a little boy from his mother in broad daylight as she walked down the street.

Thankfully, the mother and the child’s siblings were able to fight off the attackers, recovering the boy from their vehicle before the would-be kidnappers drove off.

In security camera footage that captured the horrific moment, a man can be seen running up to the family and snatching the child brazenly before taking him to his car.

Dolores Diaz told CBS New York that she was stunned it was happening, yet acted quickly to grab the boy back.

“When my kid stand up in the window, I take him out,” she said.

“The people coming, and because I’m screaming, the people coming, and they help me,” Diaz explained. “One lady come and called the police.”

She says she does not know the suspects and that they said nothing to her.

Local residents recognized one of the men.

“Last night, he comes in one time, buy beer, Budweisers,” business owner Kenny Patel told the outlet.

“Very scary,” Gia Patel added.

The video was quick to make the rounds and has the neighborhood stunned that such an incident could take place.

“It’s a pretty safe neighborhood. I see kids on my block all the time. I’ve never seen anything like that happen before. It’s kind of scary,” neighborhood resident Orlando Reyes said.

Other locals called it a “terrible thing” and “very dangerous.”

Diaz says that she still can’t believe it happened.

“What I watch it, oh my God, really? Me?” she said.

“Today, I feel good, thanks God. I feel good,” the shocked mother added.

Praise the Lord indeed for this young boy’s recovery and rescue from whatever unthinkable horror could have been waiting him had he been successfully abducted — one shudders to think.

Diaz is the epitome of a mother bear, that is for sure! Let this be a reminder to all you mama and papa bears out there to always keep a close eye on your children, even when you believe you are in a safe place.

What a scary world we live in, saints.

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