Vile, Graphic Pictures of Woman Smashing and Eating Baby Do Not Violate Facebook’s Community Standards


WARNING: very graphic content

If you’ve been following this page over the last few months, you’re likely aware that Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, has been kicked of Facebook multiple times for offenses relating to her violation of Facebook’s community standards.

One such instance was when she referred to gender dysmorphia as a mental illness, which the medical community has agreed it is for decades.

Meanwhile, the proprietor of “Stolen Innocence” photography, who has gone viral for depicting a woman smashing and eating a toy baby, has been found by multiple shocked Facebook users to not be in violation of community standards.

Here is the post, but I will warn you, it is incredibly vile and may make you sick.

One particularly disgusting selection:

The photographer was unphased by the many objections her photo shoot attracted and shared the images again thanking the person who “hated her” enough to object to the photo shoot, reminding her how “hilarious” it was.

She explained that it was a take on the “cake smash” type photo shoot for babies.

The modern state of “art”, ladies and gentlemen.

As you can probably imagine, she’s got lots of other disgusting pictures.

Like these:

Or this:

The next one in the Rutherford Manor Haunted House series. Say hello to Lisa and Louise Savidge. Oh and their…

Posted by Stolen Innocence Photography on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

She has numerous pictures of dead children, necromancy, and lots and lots of blood and gore.

She also has a photo series of the “Slender Man” character that inspired two young girls to try to murder their friend, claiming that Slender Man told them to do it.

Now, this is all absolutely disgusting and indicative of just how wicked and sick our world is.

On top of all this, however, is the absolute and stunning hypocrisy that Facebook won’t remove the posts:

That’s right–even after multiple reports, Facebook continues to assure users the post does not violate their community standards. 

This glorifies and celebrates violent murder and remains on Facebook, and yet posting Scripture or referring to transgenderism as a mental illness will get you kicked off Facebook?!

You wouldn’t see this level of gore in a PG-13 movie, and yet any Facebook user, old and young, can come across this vile content with absolutely no barrier.

Facebook continues to reassure us they’re not biased, but you cannot tell me they’re not biased when posts like these remain untouched by their Thought Police and Christian and conservative pages have to walk on eggshells with every post so they don’t get censored or booted completely.

Report the heck out of this post, folks, and contact Facebook and make your voices heard. This isn’t even a double-standard, as they are censoring conservatives for exponentially less offensive content than this vile display of bloodlust.

Tell them we won’t stand for it anymore, and we won’t rest until they stop treating their users unfairly and curating speech in America to censor the word of God and conservative values while glorifying death and destruction.