“Vile, Satanic Attack” on Nigerian Church Leaves 50+ Dead, Including Children


A horrific attack on a Catholic Church in Nigeria has left at least 50 dead, including many children.

Gunmen reportedly descended on St Francis Catholic Church in Owo at 11:30 on Sunday, where parishioners were adorned in their best clothes for Pentecost Sunday and had just begun the Grace, the BBC reported.

The armed men set off dynamite, causing people to flee in terror, at which point they were fired upon.

“There was blood on the altar, blood on the floor, bodies on the pews,” the BBC reported.

“Dynamite residue still litters the church, while the vestry – where many hid – bears testimony to the chaos,” the report read. “Shoes, bible pages soaked in blood, purses and other personal belongings are still scattered about.”

According to Faithwire, a priest was also reportedly abducted.

Ondo Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, who visited the scene, tweeted that the attackers “will be hunted down and they will pay for their crimes.”

“I am deeply saddened by the unprovoked attack and killing of innocent people of Owo, worshiping at the St. Francis Catholic Church, Today,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The vile & satanic attack is a calculated assault on the peace-loving people of Owo Kingdom who have enjoyed relative peace over the years.”

According to the BBC, the church is the center of the small, quiet community and many of its parishioners had attended regularly their whole lives.

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