Vincent Lambert Dies 9 Days After French Government Ordered Doctors To Starve Him


The culture of death has claimed its latest high-profile victim. Vincent Lambert, the quadriplegic man who made headlines after the government of France ordered him to be stripped of food and water and left to die, passed away last week at the age of 42.

Lambert, who had been left in a semi-vegetative state after a traffic accident 11 years ago, died early in the morning on Thursday, July 11th, according to the BBC. Before his death, he was able to sleep and wake up, respond to certain voices, and breathe without assistance, according to Reuters

After a lengthy legal battle, a final ruling by France’s highest appeals court allowed medics to remove Lambert’s artificial feeding and hydration lines. In other words, the French government determined that Lambert’s life was no longer worth preserving, so they starved him to death.

Lambert’s parents, Pierre and Vivianne, were left to watch helplessly as their son was cruelly left to die by Sebastopol Hospital staff.  This poor couple referred to the court’s decision as “madness,” insisting that Vincent was severely disabled, not “brain-dead,” and as such had been planning to move him to a specialist facility.

“It’s murder in disguise, it’s euthanasia,” 90-year-old Pierre said, according to the Guardian.

In a statement, the family’s attorneys, Jean Paillot and Jérôme Triomphe, lamented this grievous overstep by the state:

Vincent has died, killed for reasons of State and by a doctor who has forsaken his Hippocratic oath. This cathedral of humanity that had been burning for a week under our powerless eyes has collapsed. No account has been taken of the dignity of this handicapped man, [who] was condemned because he was handicapped.

For the first dignity of all is to respect a person’s life.

Part of our common humanity has left us today, because this heinous wrongdoing that is shaking the foundation of our laws and civilization affects us all.


The Lamberts’ attorneys also issued a statement to the millions of people worldwide who have been praying for Vincent. “The time has come for mourning and silent prayer,” they stated, “but also for meditation on this State crime.”

Many prominent voices expressed their tremendous sadness at the loss of this precious life:

This is the end to which socialism leads, people. As we have frequently reported, so-called “death panels” are a fixture of governments who endow themselves with the supreme power over life and death.

We must plead with the Lord to have mercy on us and to end the infection of socialism in our own government. We must also speak out against this injustice. While Vincent Lambert’s life has been mercilessly stolen from him, we must stand up and fight to see that this never happens again.

Please pray for Vincent’s parents, for the hearts of world rulers to be softened, and for the sanctity of life to be once more enshrined in earthly law.


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