The Violent Anger of Pro-Gay Marriage Activists in Australia


Australia is in the throes of a massive ideological battle over what the definition of marriage should be, and “yes” voters–those who are voting to include same-sex couples in the definition of marriage–have been far from gracious.

In fact, it seems that many “yes” voters are so angry that anyone would dare vote “no” that they have on several occasions threatened violence against “no” voters–namely, Christian “no” voters.

The latest in a string of threats aimed at pro-traditional marriage Christians was done in the form of threatening graffiti on the sides of two churches in Melbourne, Australia.

The graffiti reads “Vote Yes, bash bigots” and “Crucify No voters”, as well as a Nazi symbol and a cross with an equals sign in between them.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, the head pastor of Glen Waverley Anglican Church in Melbourne, Drew Mellor, was shocked to discover the graffiti on his church.

“That’s very unsettling for some of our older members of our church this morning,” Mellor said, noting that although he is in favor of traditional marriage he has not told his parishioners how to vote.

He said that the threats concerned his parishioners, especially the elderly members. “That’s very unsettling for some of our older members of our church this morning,” he explained. “Some asked, ‘Does that mean we’re going to be bashed?'”

Nearby Waverley Baptist Church also reported discovering “crucify no voters” graffiti on their church as well, which left Pastor David O’Brien in a state of disbelief.

“It was a shock. I really couldn’t take it seriously,” O’Brien said, saying the discovery of the graffiti was “disturbing and concerning.”

“It also shows we live in an era where tolerance is lessening, which is a sadness and a great tragedy of our age,” he added.

These churches aren’t the first in Australia to receive threats during this heated time. Last month in Brisbane, a church that displayed the Biblical definition of marriage on their marquis received online threats of arson. 

Despite the cruel threats, Christians in Australia have remained firm in their faith and bold in their views. Last week, Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies said in an address:

“I believe that a change in the definition of marriage is unwarranted, not just because it is in opposition to the teaching of Scripture and our Lord himself in Matthew 19, but because I believe marriage, traditionally understood as a union of one man and one woman, is a positive good for our society, where marriage and the procreation of children are bound together as the foundational fabric of our society, notwithstanding the sad reality that not all married couples are able to conceive.”

Amen to that!

Please join us in continued prayers for the Body of Christ in Austrailia to remain steadfast and speak truth during this dark period in their nation’s history.