Virginia School Board Candidate Warns Parents Of Graphic Sexual Content in Middle and High School Survey


A school board candidate in Northern Virginia may have lost the election, but she’s not giving up the fight to protect children in her district.

In a Facebook post, Fairfax County School Board candidate Priscilla DeStefano warned parents in the district that children as young as 6th grade would begin receiving graphic, highly inappropriate surveys on sexual activity, drug use, and more unless they take the time to opt out.

“We must be vigilant about what is going on in our schools,” DeStefano wrote. “I may have lost, but the fight is not over!!”

“Starting this week, 6th, 8th, 10th & 12th graders will be given the Youth Survey unless you OPT THEM OUT!” she added, linking to the survey and the opt-out form.

“The 6th grade survey asks about drug use, like if they’ve ever huffed aerosols to get high; please look through it to see if you are comfortable with your 11/12 year being asked the 84 questions in the survey,” DeStefano added. “The 8th, 10th & 12th graders are asked much worse questions like if they’ve ever used heroin or LSD, their prescription drug use, and their sexual activity – like if they use condoms, if they’ve had oral sex, and how many sexual partners they’ve had.”

DeStefano reports that children are asked a whopping 174 questions in the survey, offering a representative page:

How on earth is any of this appropriate for children of any age, let alone as young as sixth grade?!

As we’ve previously reported, such surveys are little more than a plot to promote the leftist ideal of sexual “liberation” under the guise of bullying and self-harm prevention.

Last month, a North Carolina mother called out her son’s school for the same antics:

“Why are you asking 11-year olds these questions?” asked Connie Jo Hutchinson.

The program is called Shifting Boundaries, which is funded through a federal grant. In the survey handed out to students, the sixth question asks “What is your sexual orientation?”

It lists 10 possible options: Bisexual, Gay, Fluid, Heterosexual, Lesbian, Pansexual, Queer, Questioning, Prefer not to disclose, and Self-identify.

After hearing murmurs of the content of the survey, Hutchinson said she called the school to see if the question would be included.

She said the school said that was not part of the program, but Hutchinson’s son said the question was included.

Hutchinson does not see the educational value in posing the question.

“I think it is a very sensitive subject, and it is given to these children in a very insensitive way. It is not treated as something as personal, and private, and precious. Because it is,” Hutchinson explained.

“I didn’t know that he was going to have to do a survey. I thought they were talking to pre-teens about maybe dating or how to treat each other. These are kids on the cusp of wanting those romantic relationships. And I want to be able to have those conversations with him when he comes home,” she explained.

Our schools are showing no signs of slowing down as they seek to usurp every role and function of the parent.

If you are a Fairfax County resident, contact the school board and demand that they back off of your children! Their purpose is to educate, not indoctrinate. If they can’t handle that, they should not have access to your children.

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