Virginia Senate Democrats Pass Red Flag Laws Just Two Days After Peaceful, Pro-Gun Rally


Just two days after a massive turnout from the lawful gun owners of Virginia outside the state Capitol in Richmond, the Virginia state Senate has passed contentious red flag laws that would allow authorities to confiscate weapons from citizens before they have committed any crime.

Despite the very chilling reality of the danger that a weapon can be while placed in the hands of a mentally disturbed individual, as we have seen far too many times in this country, the answer is not to give authorities the means to confiscate weapons from an otherwise law-abiding citizen before they have broken the law.

The other very disturbing reality of such a bill is that it is the state which determines what qualifies someone as dangerous enough to have their weapons taken away, which, considering this is a Democrat-controlled state government furthering this law, could apply to anyone who advocates for traditional marriage or declares they are patriotic to their country, for all we know.

On Wednesday, ABC 13 reported:

The Virginia Senate approved legislation Wednesday that would allow authorities to take guns away from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others, as the state moves closer to joining a growing number of states enacting so-called “red flag” gun laws.

The Democrats apparently attempted to make concessions to the bills in the face of fierce opposition from Virginia Republicans, but serious concerns about the bill remain:

The fight is far from over in Virginia, which means its far from over for the rest of us. Never before have our natural rights been more vital to protect.

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