Virginia Tech Resident Advisers Required to Attend LGBT Event–Or Else


College campuses have been almost completely morphed into SJW echo chambers over the last few decades, and yet it is still shocking to hear what Virginia Tech’s administration is requiring of its resident advisers this semester.

An RA, speaking anonymously to Campus Reform, shared that not only are Virgina Tech RA’s being required to attend campus LGBT History Month events, but that they are not given an option and are even required to document their participation in these events.

The RA told Campus Reform that they are usually given a list of events happening on campus each semester and encouraged to attend some in their capacity as RA, but never before has attendance of any given campus event been mandatory.

“We have had many past events we take residents [to], but we usually get [to] pick from a list, and not everyone needs to do each event,” the source said.

However, at a recent meeting with a supervisor, RAs were told that they would be required to attend an LGBTQ+ event during the month of October as it is “LGBTQ+ history month” (is Pride Month not enough? There are two LGBTQ months now?) They would also be required to bring residents and take a picture to document their attendance.

The RA said that the picture requirement had never been asked of them before. He also said that if the RAs did not attend an LGBTQ+ event during the month of October, that disciplinary action could be expected, in the form of either a written or verbal warning and possible termination.

Campus Reform reached out to Virginia Tech administrators to comment but received no reply.

Why would this campus go to such great lengths to require their RAs to attend an LGBTQ+ event? It is simply baffling. Are they so committed to being an LBGTQ+ campus that they need to ensure their student RAs are down with the cause? Is it not enough to have events all month long celebrating the history of the homosexual movement?

It is an understatement to say that free speech is being barred from college campuses, but this takes it to a whole new level. Any RA with a personal religious conviction regarding homosexuality or “gender identity” could very well be barred from their freedom of religion as well.

We need to put an end to this ridiculous brainwashing on college campuses before the integrity of our nation’s higher learning institutions is gone for good!