Vogue Gives Tips on How to “Awaken Your Inner Witch.” No, Seriously.


If you ever had any doubts that left-wing ideology is rooted in godlessness, just look at the things people on the left promote.

They’re pretty open about their godlessness.

The vast majority of left-wing ideology is based on a rejection of biblical values and theistic objective morality.

For this reason, they often embrace the things that the Bible abhors, in a very plain-faced rebellion against God.

Since Trump is in office and the left has now deluded themselves into thinking we’re living in some kind of real-life version of The Handmaid’s Tale, something that is a disgusting affront to women living in actually oppresive nations like Yemen and Saudi Arabia, silly feminists are now revitalizing an interest in “witching”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

From Vogue.com:

As long as powerful women have existed, there has been someone around to accuse them of aligning with the devil—or to just call them a witch. And these days, there are more powerful women (and witches!) around than ever. Pop culture has caught on, from closet shamans to chocolate shops that come with bewitching crystals and juice bars that traffic in “plant-sourced alchemy.” Then there’s this year’s well-received movie The Witch, the most recent Broadway riff on Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, and even a group hexing of Brock Turner, organized on Facebook earlier this month. Women are dark and mysterious and capable of all sorts of magic, practical or otherwise, and what better time to celebrate it than in the afterglow of the summer solstice? And this wasn’t just any summer solstice, but one given an assist by a “strawberry moon,” an event that last happened in 1967, and won’t happen again until 2062. (Ed note: Have you been in “a mood” ever since? Us, too.)

This isn’t just a bunch of nonsense. It’s ancient paganism that the left just loves to embrace.

In another article, they teach women an actual spell, disguised as some kind of silly self-empowerment pep talk:

Make a triangle with your hands by placing the tips of your thumbs together and the tips of your first fingers together. This is called a Yoni Mudra; yoni means sacred temple in Sanskrit. We place that mudra on our womb space, or lower abdomen. We stand with our feet slightly apart, bent at the knees, and then we close our eyes, place our attention at our third eye and say out loud three times: “I call back my power now.”

Between each call, visualize a bright white light coming up through the soles of your feet, through your knees and into your womb space. Let it rest there before calling in the next one.

When you’ve done this three times, hold your power there.

Then repeat three times: “It is safe for me to be powerful.”

The mudra seals in the power.

We bring our hands to our hearts and say: “So mote it be.”

While Teen Vogue teaches young girls how to “safely” engage in sodomy, big girl Vogue is teaching grown women how to perform witchcraft.

Tell me again how the left isn’t completely demonic?

We are in a spiritual battle, folks. Politics simply pale in comparison to the way the mainstream culture has turned against God. They mock us when we say that promoting homosexuality, gender confusion, and the hyper-sexualization of children is a deliberate attept to undermine God, and yet here they are promoting witchcraft and embracing the “dark” side of women.

This is a lie as old as the serpent in the Garden who tempted Eve away from God’s one simple rule. But no power can be found by turning away from the Lord. Pray for these women that they’d wake up and seek the Lord while He can still be found.