Vogue Begs For Attention With Magazine Covers Pushing Homosexuality

The left is so consumed with its various social justice initiatives that it can be awfully tough to stay on top of the various flavors of the week.


As we all know, there are perceived injustices everywhere we look, but interest in them tends to follow no particular rhyme or reason.

Here’s a clue on how to spot what’s hot on that front: When an outlet decides to pull a self-aggrandizing stunt in a desperate bid to gain attention, there’s a good chance they’ll be pushing that issue for all that it’s worth.

An interesting example of that phenomenon comes courtesy of the Italian version of the fashion magazine Vogue, which has decided to go the multiple-cover route for its September issue.

As ABS-CBN shares, “one version of Vogue Italia’s latest cover features male models and real-life couple Edoardo Velicskov and Pablo Rousson sharing a kiss, while another shows female models Lily Aldridge and Vittoria Ceretti locking lips.”

How edgy – and inclusive! This issue of Vogue Italia will undoubtedly fly off the shelves because the publishers were so brave to tackle an issue that’s at the top of the minds of everyone!

Or not. It could also sit on newsstands collecting dust as others walk away shaking their heads wondering why the magazine feels the need to push its agenda on the masses.

We’ll consider that a coin flip – but it does point out an interesting sidebar to the debate. If you consistently push an agenda on others that may not agree with it, isn’t that in the same neighborhood of being discriminatory against those with different beliefs?

That’s some interesting food for thought for Vogue Italia and other outlets that insist on alienating a wide swath of potential customers by pushing the liberal narrative.