Vulgar Comedienne Michelle Wolf: “God Bless Abortion”


Ever since Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, the left has been in hysterics over the very real possibility that Trump will appoint an originalist judge who will, you know, actually interpret the Constitution as it was meant to be interpreted.

Their biggest fear is our greatest reason to rejoice: this paves the way to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

So leave it to someone like Michelle Wolf, the “comedienne” who faceplanted all over the White House Correspondent’s Dinner earlier this year in an attempt to be funny, demonstrating instead her hatred for Trump and everyone who worked for him could only inspire her to be disgusting.

Well, apparently, her desire to keep the murder of unborn children legal is just as passionate as her hatred for Trump, and contributes just as much to her talent (or lack thereof.)

In a recent clip released from her Netflix show, “The Break”, she shamelessly told the audience just how much she loves abortion.

The Daily Wire reports:

In a clip for the show that was published on Sunday, Wolf stated, “Look, access to abortion is good and important. Some people say abortion is ‘killing a baby.’ It’s not. It’s stopping a baby from happening. It’s like ‘Back to the Future’ and abortion is the DeLorean. And everyone loves DeLoreans.”

Then Wolf targeted the pro-life movement with more rancid language, asserting, “Pro-life is a propaganda term that isn’t real, like healthy ice cream and handsome testicles,” and adding “anti-abortion” really meant “anti-woman … If these people were actually pro-life, they would be fighting hard for health care, child care, education, gun control, and protecting the environment.”

Wolf continued, “These days, abortion providers have been terrorized by the Right into downplaying their abortion services. You should be proud of it. You’re doing a good thing.”

Wolf, whose show is in its first year, concluded the segment with her “10th Annual Salute to Abortions,” accompanied by a marching band, a balloon arch, and with her dressed in a patriotic costume. As “You’re a Grand Old Flag” played, she intoned, “Abortion I salute you. Women if you need an abortion, get one,” then tossed confetti as she asserted, “God bless abortions and God bless America.”

I don’t know about you…but I can’t even.