Vulgar Mural in Sydney “Celebrates” Gay Marriage By Crudely Mocking Cardinal


Warning: this post contains explicit images 

Leading up to the decisive Austrailian postal vote on legalizing gay marriage, we covered many instances of cruel, often violent harassment Christians were subjected to for simply expressing their views. This vitriol does not appear to be going anywhere.

While one woman was fired from her job for a personal Facebook post, a church was threatened with arson. Another woman received violent death threats for taking a picture of her “no” vote, while churches were spraypainted with violent messages such as “crucify ‘no’ voters.”

Well, despite the bold voices of Christians defending biblical marriage over the last few months, the vote has finally been tallied and most Australians have decided that they would like their country to officially recognize same-sex unions.

Apparently, that is not enough for the violent ideologues on the pro-LGBT left. Artist Scott Marsh didn’t find enough satisfaction in the fact that the majority of their countrymen share their views on gay marriage, he needed to make one final, disgusting stab at Christians.

In a completely vulgar artistic display of “victory,” some completely tasteless artist painted this graphic mural on the side of a hotel in Sydney, and the whole thing was apparently condoned by the property owner.

In the mural, Australian traditional marriage advocate and former PM Tony Abbot in a wedding dress, with his hands down the pants of Catholic Cardinal Pell.

“This is disgusting, it’s only the first day and same sex marriage isn’t even approved yet and Botany View Hotel in Newtown has painted their wall mocking Cardinal George Pell and Tony Abbott as being gay,” a ‘no’ voter wrote on Facebook. 

“How can we as a society accept this persecution of Christians and allow them to mock our clergy?”

Overnight, the mural was defaced with white and brown paint, and for good reason considering at the very least it was not at all suitable for children to see.

The Australian Family Association is urging Australian Christians to let politicians know how digusted they are with this blatant display of bigotry. If this was about any other group of people, it would be seen as hateful and “phobic” and the hotel would surely be fined, charged, or taken to court.

"Thought the postal vote was just about marriage? Looks like it was also about disrespect and offending Catholics. This…

Posted by Australian Family Association on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Please help spread the word about this vulgar bigotry and public indecency! The hatred towards Christians in Australia has got to end. They got their ‘yes’ vote, can’t they just leave traditionalists alone now??