WA Elementary School Displayed Book With Illustrated Trans “Top Surgery” Scars on Cover for Pride Month


A Washington state elementary school is facing backlash after displaying a book that contained transgender “top surgery” to the young students as part of LGBT Pride Month.

The various pro-LGBT books displayed outside the school’s library for Pride, conservative radio host Jason Rantz reveals, included art that represented various gender identities including pansexual and polysexual.

Rantz says most of the books were “age-appropriate,” such as “Heather Has Two Mommies,” but the book “Felix Ever After” is what now has the administration at Zeiger Elementary on the defensive.

The cover of the book, which is about a transgender teenager, features the title character with their shirt pulled down to reveal scars from so-called “top surgery,” when a male-identifying female goes under the knife to remove breast tissue so as to appear more male.

The character in the book is 17; Rantz notes that “Many surgeons require a patient to be 18-years-old before the surgery, while some offer it with parental consent.”

He also notes that the book’s publisher does not recommend it for readers younger than the age of 14, and many parents would likely not want their child reading such literature until they were far older than this.

The most important thing, of course, is that elementary school students, as we need not tell you, are typically significantly younger than 14.

“A large percentage of teachers and parents are against the gender confusion, sexualizing propaganda display at Zeiger Elementary and other schools, but they were all afraid to speak here. That is the Orwellian atmosphere Puyallup School District and this school board have cultivated,” Dawn Land, a local activist, told a recent school board meeting. Her comments were met with supportive applause.

“I am here to speak out against this school district, daring to work against the cultures and morals of the diverse families in our schools. These children are not your children,” she also said, also declaring it to be “appalling that the Puyallup School District is actively advocating for this [to] our youngest and most vulnerable students.”

Land is not a Zeiger Elementary parent, but was recruited by parents and even school staffers who were nervous to denounce the book’s display themselves.

She shared a letter with Rantz which was purportedly from a group of concerned Zeiger staffers who criticized the principal for his Pride displays. The letter has not been independently verified by The Jason Rantz Show.

The district, however, ultimately sided with outraged parents.

“This book was inadvertently included in the Zeiger library display case in a hasten attempt to raise awareness and celebrate the LGBTQ community with staff and students,” the district told Rantz’s show in an email.

“Our responsibility to promote age-appropriate learning materials was overshadowed in that attempt.”

The district’s communication director Sarah Gillispie confirmed in the email that the book had been removed from the display after a photo depicting it began to circulate on social media and that such displays will be more carefully vetted in the future.

“This book is not available in any of our elementary libraries, and a stricter process has been put in place to vet the methods in which we celebrate authors and stories for Zeiger students,” she added.

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